Taipei Hotels Under 3000NT (alternatives)

Any suggestions for some hotels other than the ones that I have listed.

Hotel 73. Paid $2470
Like the location. Didn’t like the bathroom. Good for around Main Station and closer to kiddies in Ximengdin.

Beauty Boutique (in Tian-Mu) Paid $2399
Bah to the location. Ritz-er area. Newest I think. Liked the bathroom. Shower bar.

Dandy Paid $2280
Right near Daan. Popular, but also getting a little older.

Basically, I want something like Beauty Boutique (read nicer bathroom and newer) closer to Taipei Main Station or Daan.

Any suggestions? Thanks!

Dunno about good cheap hotels here, but this website appears to have a plenty of options on it

Hotel Quote looks pretty nice, but at 3800 NT

Wouldn’t know, not stayed in a lot of hotels here. You’ll be able to find something more affordable and at the same time fancier if you move further out from the city centre.