Taipei: I want to buy a French Keyboard Laptop

Hi there,
I want to buy a French-Keyboard Laptop. I am in Taipei, where I can go to buy this.



You can’t. You can’t even get a English keyboard.

You may not be able to find one, but you still can put small stickers on the keys of a Taiwanese keyboard with the appropriate letters of them.

You can also do like me, each time you want to type something in French with é ê ë è ç, then in Window you need to switch the input method to French and remember where are each of those letters (and remember that the a is on the q and vise-versa).

If you think you are extraordinary lucky, you may hunt in 中華商場 and ask in Chinese to the saler men. They can bring one for you from one of their factory … but still improbable.