Taipei in June 2014: How hot?

Because of numerous issues, I can’t get back to Taiwan until next summer. I am told it is very hot in the summer and that the best times to visit are March/April and September/October…Well…I grew up in Miami, Florida, a tropical climate where the temperatures in summer rise to 100 fahrenheit, followed almost daily in the late afternoon by heavy thunderstorms from the Everglades. I am used to heat. Would the temperature in Taipei next summer be similar? I am thinking I will not have any problems.

According to the most advanced local meteorological institutes the current forecast for next June is-

Bloody Hot

We will let you know as soon as there are any further updates. There is always the possibility of a super volcano blowing up between now and them which could cause a giant ash cloud to envelope the Earth. This would certainly help things.


According to the “theory of global cooling” (all about which you can find on your scientific resource of choice, Forumosa), it should be less hot than this year.
But i confess i never base my travel plans on “theories”, in all cases in the past the experience of local residents has proven to be good guidance, and as a creature of habit i do exactly what you do here: ask people who know the place. :wink:

In any case, the official peak temperatures are well below 100F even in the hottest time of the year (June, July, August maybe 85F?), but the humidity tends to be really high (the average rainfall is highest in June, but a fair bit of that rain falls at night). And although the real peak temperatures in downtown areas may be considerably higher than what the weather office suggests and measures, your experience seems to cover that, so you should have no problems… :wink:

Last time I was in Florida in summer it was 42 C /107 F degrees. Here in Taipei now it is a record breaking scorcher… at 37 C / 98 F degrees. Humidity is more like Everglades, though. Bring boots and poncho for the rain.

I find the heat to be tolerable if I’m able to limit my exposure to 3-4 hours max. Things start getting real miserable if I am outside for more than that though.

Florida and Taiwan have near identical climates and near identical primates. :slight_smile:

You will be right at home.

You could also check one of the thousands of weather websites out there.
That would be the logical first port of call as opposed to relying on the opinions of a bunch of drunks. I include myself in this description should anyone take offence.

Thank you! You guys have confirmed my sense that I shouldn’t have any problems. Anyway I am planning to be at Fulong Beach, the Penghu Islands and Kenting for a chunk of the trip, not downtown Taipei!

PS; I prefer the female primates in Taiwan myself.