Taipei in the late 80's - help me please?

I lived and worked in Taipei in 1988 (teaching english). I am going back this summer for holidays. I want to see the places where I lived, but I do not have any addresses. One place I do remember very well from my first months was a shopping mall called FM station, downtown. Does anyone know where this was located?


It was across from the old station near the Hilton. I believe there was a pedestrian overpass that took you right there from the station. It’s long gone. The Taipei station area is far less lively than it used to be but a lot easier to get in and get out of.

… and a lot cleaner. I remember standing there near the railway station on my first day in Taiwan in late 1989, thinking “what a hell hole, why on earth did I decide to come here”. Didn’t help that it was a dark and rainy day. Things have changed, a lot. :sunglasses:

OK, thanks. I’ll be in Taipei for 10 days this summer. Any particular area you recommend for accommodation. Not interested in night clubs or party, just good food and relaxed atmosphere.

What is your price range?

I’d recommend the Guting area. There are a bunch of places like this around and several hotels. … 71/reviews.

If you want something quieter the Chientan Youth Activity Centre near jiantan mrt is very good. Nt$700 gets you a dorm bed which is really a twin so only two befs and a private shower. Right next to bike lanes, hiking trails,bus to Palace Museum and mrt to anywhere.

What is your price range?[/quote]

Anything from 100 USD a night and down. Preferably on the cheap end, though. But I want my own room and AC.

You have abundant choices as most mid-range rooms are under $80 a night. Choose a neighborhood and consult a guidebook or an online booking site.

Thanks a lot for your help, guys! :slight_smile: I might have more questions later! :smiley:

Lots of hotels have free washing and drying machines now. Very useful if you are here for a while.

I would seriously buy the new Lonely Planet Taiwan, or at least the Taipei chapter. This is a completely different city from the 80s and the new guide was just researched last spring and summer. Food, hotels, shopping, waking tours, sights (lots of stuff you’ve never seen), biking (the city has fantastic riverside trails now and a great bike-share program), hiking, day trips to Tamsui (now truly a charming place), etc.

This place is next to Guting Station and no more than US$70 a night. … aipei.html