Taipei Int'l Book Exhibition (list of featured countries / plotting to add my favorite country)


Please help me complete this list of featured countries (guests of honor) at the TIBE:
(EDIT: This has mostly been done, though minor errors may remain.)

2019: Germany
2018: Israel
2017: Switzerland (?)
2016: Hungary
2015: New Zealand
2014: Japan, South Korea, Singapore, and Thailand (shared)
2013: Belgium
2012: (none)
2011: Bhutan
2010: France
2009: Thailand
2008: Australia
2007: Russia
2006: France, Germany, Greece and Poland (shared)
2005: Korea
2004: (none?) (or France?)
2003: Czech Republic
2002: Japan
2001: France
2000: UK
1999: (none?)
1998: Germany

1990 China?

(TIBE began in 1987 but apparently did not have featured-country pavilions until the 5th “edition,” or 1996. HOWEVER the Chinese-language wiki article states that 1998 was the first TIBE to have a featured country. The fairs were bi-annual before that, so 1998 was the 6th “edition.” Strangely, that same wiki article also gives “China” as the theme country for 1990.)

第二屆 中國
第六屆 德國
第七屆 兒童圖書主題館

Thanks! Can you confirm there was no country chosen for 1999 (no. 7)? And can anybody confirm Switzerland as the country for 2017?

(I’m adding edits to the list)


2017 - Hungary


Several news articles give 2016 (no. 24) for Hungary.



Huh. Maybe…they were honored twice? A mystery.

Anyway, my intention in compiling this list was to confirm my suspicion that a certain country has never been the featured country. Namely, it occurred to me that ARMENIA ought to receive this honor at some point. Now I realize that the countries so honored tend to be drawn from a fairly predictable list of economic and political powerhouses with flourishing international publishing industries. It would be a struggle to figure out what to submit for Armenia. On the other hand, there is the example of Bhutan to consider, so maybe Armenia could make up what it lacks in clout with a certain exotic appeal.


Don’t have much to add to the list, but I work nearby and there’s people lining up in the morning to get in.

Glad to see that something other than the video game expo gets some people lining up.


prolly buying books on video games…


You had to go there


Well sure, there’s a big comic-book section.