Taipei Kickboxing - The Ultimate Workout!

Taipei Kickboxing,

Simply a great place to great shape, learn how to fight and meet a lot of cool people. The classes are taught in English by the former Danish kickboxing Champion - Anders Johnsen, and counts over 40 members from all over the world. Women/Men ratio in the club is 50/50…!

Taipei Kickboxing offers highly professional workouts with focus on actual fighting skills, Strength and Fat-burning. All levels of experience are welcomed (beginner, intermediate and fighters) as long as you’re up for a hardcore workout. Members of the club often meet after hours for club-nights, where we typically go out for a beer, a movie our even a hike. Lots of fun and a great way to meet new people.

Hope to see you around the club - find workout schedules, what-to-bring, social events and every thing else you need to know on our website:

Call Anders for Questions at 0983673737


Dear Kickboxers,

We are having a grand Event Coming UP on the 19th of September! It’s going to be a long night of partying, which will be hosted at a Club Members House. We will Surely continue to a disco at a later point, diuring the night.

Find Full Info on:

Friends, Girlfriends and everybody else is welcome to come.



We’re planing on heading to the “Taiwan Beer Factory” on Saturday the 5th of September. It should be a good night. Hope many of you will come.



Hello Everyone.

Things are great at the kickboxing club, which has received allot of new members the past month. We’re having a blast during our workouts and will be looking forward to a Halloween party with the club. Going to be a blast!

Hope to see you at the kickboxing club soon!



Just a quick note:

Remember to get your Halloween Costumes ready for our club party at Oct. 31st. You can find costume rental stores around Ximending, exit no 4, where we’ve been known to make hilarious costume scoops. Make sure to get yours in time for this epic Kickboxing event.

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