Taipei kindergarten teacher posts job ad saying 'black or dark skinned' people not wanted


A teacher from a well-known private kindergarten posted a job ad on a Facebook group on June 11 stating that it would not hire English teachers who were “black or dark skinned.”


This is the same school the terrorist kid went to.


Where is the outrage of the Taiwanese of Han descent? Are they going to march in protest? Nope. No one cares here.

In the United States there are people of all ethnic backgrounds who are legal US residents and citizens marching on behalf of all the illegals and demanding that although they entered the US, illegally, that they deserve to stay and rate human rights.

That’s why Taiwan will never change the requirement for us to give up our citizenship before we can attain Taiwanese citizenship. It doesn’t affect them, so they don’t give a shit.


Yeah, I want a recorded apology.


Guess they need a new box for “Welcome dark-skinned people” on the employment sites, then.


I think you nailed one of the issues why many don’t go crazy with outrage (Not all, but there are plenty who find it an awful)
US is a multiracial/cultrual country while Taiwan is mostly homogeneous. Not defending it but i’m guessing the majority of people have never had any meaningful interaction with people outside of their race. It’s just a reality of being in a homogeneous island although more people are changing.

Not sure what illegal immigrants have to do with the subject at hand though. Unless you’re saying someone is racist for not wanting illegal immigrants coming into their country?


They don’t go crazy with outrage because it didn’t say Chinese looking people need not apply.

The idea of an equal society for all isn’t really a strong part of the culture here . I can provide many examples to back this statement up.


It wouldn’t be an outrage even if it did tbh. Schools already do that and openly pay none whites less.


I think it would be picked up very quickly especially because that is a famous school.
There would be OUTRAGE. Or maybe Outrage. But there would be outrage.

Of course we know they discriminate but not usual)y openly by racial characteristics in their ads(which is illegal anyway ). They use citizenship instead (which is similar how they discriminate against non ethnic han when you try to immigrate here…).


IDK, I just don’t see it happening. People in Taiwan have other shit to be outraged about. Usually not so much about these things.

Every other TV channel people are yelling at the news about politics or the economy, rich kids crashing their lambos and such. Also why I take Uber instead of taxis. You often find them listening to political news and yelling at the radio. Even had one with a picture of Mao and Dr sun on his dashboard talking about the glorious Chinese nation and how Taiwan should reunify.


Andrew, I guess I wasn’t being very clear. I apologize. Ok, here’s my thought process.

America has millions of illegal immigrants. They entered the US illegally or they came on a visa, but then overstayed. They reside in America illegally, they work illegally, they usually pay no taxes, their children attend public schools paid by tax paying residents, etc. The list goes on and on and on. I’m not debating the merits of this reality…just that it is reality of the situation. Ok?

But, then some end up getting caught, after 30 years for some of them. The fact that they have resided in the US for this amount of time before they got caught is irrelevant…they are still illegal and the current US administration is finally acting on the majority of the American people’s feelings on this matter and are deporting them, sometimes breaking up families of who have members that are US citizens and the original illegals that created the whole situation of them being illegal and at risk for arrest, detention and finally deportation.

Now the point: Every day on the American news there are stories of outraged American citizens of all races and colors and permanent residents of all races and colors sticking up for the illegals and demanding that they be allowed to stay and not be deported. They are the ultra left wing liberals of the US. They are fighting for people who have illegally stayed in the US, illegally worked in the US, but nevertheless they are sticking up for these people.

Here is a link to a news story happening right now in Seattle. A bunch of women illegally crossed into the US with their children. They were arrested and separated from their children and put into federal detention facilities around the US. People in the Seattle area are outraged and held a rally on behalf of these illegals.

Rally held where asylum-seeking mothers are being detained in SeaTac

That would never happen in Taiwan. Can you imagine if a bunch of Americans came to Taiwan on a visitor visa, overstayed, remained and worked for 30 years, had children, etc. Then got caught by the police or immigration and then told their little sob story about how they’ve lived here (illegally), worked here (illegally) for 30+ years, raised families, etc. and that they demand citizenship or at the very least a legal status to stay here in Taiwan? Wouldn’t happen. Never. They’d get thrown in immigration jail and then deported. There wouldn’t be any type of support from the Taiwanese populace demanding rights for these illegals, ever.

In America, there are even groups of illegals that hold a rally and march through the streets with huge signs which say things like, “We demand amnesty”, “We demand a path to citizenship”. Can you imagine the illegals here in Taiwan organizing a rally of this type? Sure, the police would love it. It would get all the illegals located in one spot where they could all be arrested, jailed and then deported. Again, there would be no mass protest by the Taiwanese people. If it doesn’t affect them, they don’t give a crap about anyone else.

Which brings us back to the racist ad for the kindergarten. Nobody in Taiwan gives a shit. There will be no uproar, no sincere apology, nothing. Until the next time, which will happen again and again and again. I’ve seen it over the 20 years I’ve lived here.


I’m an American and I’m clear about the situation. But back to my point, you have a multicultural melting pot of a nation that prides itself for it, vs an island with an homogeneous population with very few non ethnic han even today. Racism is racism, ain’t no denying it and one should call it as it is. But it’s just going to take a while before things are like say the US.

And I would say Taiwan is more xenophobic and ignorant then downright hateful racism.


Yes sir. But, “a while”…I’m a pessimistic old cynic and I’ll say at least not in my lifetime and I’m only 53, which I know is older than dirt to many of yous. lol


Well, if it helps. Not everyone in Taiwan is like that. I don’t care where you’re from and what you look like as long as you are a positive member of society in Taiwan. And despite its flaws, have love for it and it’s democratic spirit. And to be frank…not one of those people that’s fine with bowing down to emperor Xi spouting reunification with the CCP


There may not be a Taiwan in our lifetime. We shall see. Anyway I think Taiwan is very conservative and culture is slow to change and I have also been here almost 20 years. Almost all Asian countries are very conservative and nationalistic.


This is why I don’t really like going to japan. I feel like some of my friends don’t notice it because they’re taken in by the whole new culture when they go if they’ve not really been around Asia or traveled. Besides when you go to tourist spots where they try to sell you shit. They can do things from minor slights or out right not let you go in becauses it’s for japan people. I like Japanese food and culture, just not so much when I go there. My Korean friend who’s father was stationed there as an ambassador said it was awful living there as an Korean in school.

Maybe it’s like that in Korea but I usually don’t get that because I pass as a Korean.


Point of comparison: when I worked in Korea you’d see jobs advertised on Dave’s ESL Cafe (our version of Tealit) that came with a (albeit the somewhat more diplomatic) “preferably white” request attached all the time. Don’t know if that’s changed now. But they were even more up front about it there. You’d also see “preferably female” a lot. :man_shrugging:


I know me personally would prefer all the job requirements stated upfront, so I don’t waste my time. Can’t see how it would be better that the thing about blacks was not explicitly expressed and people waste their time.


Taiwan is the most progressive country in Asia in many things.
Including: LGBT tolerance and freedom of speech.

Even then, it’s no-contest when comparing everything to Western Europe countries, USA/Canada or Aussie/NZ standard.

This kind of ad, are common sight in most parts of Asia. Like it or not, as an English language teacher, you’ll likely get the job if you are white and/or female.

I read somewhere that learning language is easier to grasp when you are learning from a female teacher (sound).

White looks simply preferable because it “put asses on the seats”.


“The words “black or dark skinned” quickly enraged foreign teachers of all races and rapidly spread like wildfire throughout the general expat community in Taiwan.”

My boy, K-person, delivering the goods one more time.

This story’s three days old already.