Taipei kindergarten teacher posts job ad saying 'black or dark skinned' people not wanted


From someone that went there…they have no black employees and teachers and it’s a large school so…

Here’s a photo of their teaching staff


Um, yeah. I’m sure it’s more of an “unwritten rule.”


I actually agree with @Gain (shocking, I know). Taiwanese aren’t nearly as nationalistic as Koreans, Japanese, and mainlanders, perhaps owing to Taiwan being a relatively new nation.


Yeah. Why would anyone add that proviso to an ad on their own accord? Just doesn’t make sense.


My guess is guilt, revenge or both. Either way, that teacher is probably going to be back in the job market real soon.


These three are probably the worst offenders. You don’t even have to go that far. The majority of other non-Taiwanese I’ve met are far more nationalistic about their country, which could be extremely annoying. Brazil this this this Singapore that that that. I’m le tired.


Interesting. I could see someone using this way to lash out about what they perceived to be the reality of the situation.


She may have also thought she was doing applicants a favor, saving them the trouble of showing up for an interview and being rejected in person.


Scuttlebutt is that this person was placing the ad because this teacher was given the boot/leaving the school.

Nevertheless, the glee with which some people received the news of the scandal makes one think thsi person just uncovered one can of worms…


you’re saying not one Taiwanese is nationalistic ? Do you live here ?

That clearly wasn’t said.


I didn’t say Taiwan was nationalistic . Read it again.
Also many western countries are nationalistic but don’t have a focus on one ethnicity eg. America , Canada, UK. Even my home country , another small country which was also mono ethnic until recently, there is a lot of openness to other ethnicities and foreigners compared to Taiwan. Basically foreigners get a fair go, more than fair. And my home country is very nationalistic compared to Taiwan!

Taiwan is quite an inward looking island. But lots of Asia treats foreigners worse , I get it.


I’ve taken your advice, and I’ve looked in the mirror, and I see that I am too nationalistic, and that my country is too nationalistic. This nationalism causes my country to involve itself in matters where it has no business. So I’ve decided that my country should get down to its proper size, and mind its own business, and leave all issues between Taiwan and China to the Taiwanese and the Chinese to resolve.


Taiwanese are definitely NOT nationalistic.

Sorry. Totally off topic from the thread, although an accurate statement.


I see females only all the time on these post, never makes any news.


“Female” isn’t a race. :grin:


Could have fooled me. They’re like an alien species sometimes




My female at home already beats me with a dough roller daily screaming in Italian so w/e. :runaway:


Ignorance is bliss.


Can you imagine the uproar over a “males only” notice?