Taipei Kuei Shan?


Has anyone heard about Taipei Kuei Shan school?
I’m getting interviewed soon. I would like to know their employment experience.


I work there. What specific questions do you have? My experiences have been relatively okay.


I was wondering about their teaching schedule. I heard that NET doesn’t get a classroom.

  1. How is the school environment?
  2. Working schedule?
  3. Is it worth it to learn the IB curriculum?
  4. Is it more of labor work than brain work?


Hi boyshcat
Did you get any further info? Did they ask you to record a twenty minute lesson? I am interested in getting more information as well


Hi Tiff

I am looking at applying to Taipei Kuei Shan and have alot of questions. For me, it would require a move from Taichung to Taipei, so really interested to know more about the job as there is little to be found online.

How long have most teachers been working there?
How is the teaching schedule? environment?
How Christ focused is the school? Or is it run as a business as most TW schools are?
Would you/Do you send your own kids there?

Looking for a place to settle down and put my kids through, so that is the main objective of me finding a good school where my kids can go and start/complete schooling for the long haul.




Hi TiffAllen,

I’d like ask you a few questions about Kuei Shan if you get a chance.

  1. What are the teachers’ schedules like? Are al the job descriptions listed or are there a lot of add-ons and unexpected things?
  2. Do teachers have time for planning and collaboration?
  3. What is the pay scale and package for overseas teachers?
  4. Any particular concerns you have with the school?