Taipei Luxury hotel serves expired and moldy food


So would this be a Taiwanese or Japanese problem?
The hotel and management are Japanese but the hotel is in Taiwan.

After receiving a report from Wang, the Taipei Department of Health sent inspectors to the hotel’s restaurant and found six sanitary problems, including an unclean environment, food ingredients placed on the floor in the refrigerating room and cockroaches in the knife sterilizer cabinet.


Goes to show what sort of conditions must be commonplace in the food industry if a five star Japanese run hotel is this bad.


My daughter’s boyfriend works in pest control in the U.S. After he told me only one story of what they find in restaurants, I wouldn’t let him tell me any more. Ignorance is bliss.


Had the same experience in the Caesar Hotel next to Taipei Main Station (twice!) The manager had the balls to say “that’s the way Taiwanese people like it”. (Then turned around and left when I pointed out the lint floating in the drink dispensers).


I’m starting to think he’s telling the truth. Taiwanese like contaminated food. They certainly don’t seem to do anything about it.


This is a brand new hotel. Not remodeled. I remember when they started construction, dimmit. Almost booked some pals there.

Is it cost cutting what drives such carelessness in food safety? Or lack of organizational skills in order to plan what you need and not waste? Or greed that chokes healthy business practices? All rethorical questions.