Taipei Machinery Factory Railway Museum Park

Trains. Don’t know if walk-in access or need to register to visit.

Located here
No. 50號, Section 5, Civic Blvd, Xinyi District, Taipei

Note: This is different from (National Taiwan Museum's Railway Department Park)

The place is called "Preparatory Office of National Railway Museum " 國家鐵道博物館籌備處

You have to register online , this is the link for registration

There are 3 types of tours:

  • 例行導覽 General Guided Tour
  • 建築專場 construction tour?
  • 攝影專場 Photography tour

More photos about these tours can be found in the following links

Glad you pointed this out. So for the uninitiated, of the two places, which one would you recommend more? I’ve been meaning to go to both. It’d be nice to know which one should get the priority.

Haven’t been to the other though I hope to soon, but it seems to be basically big old workshops, trains, maintenance facilities and stuff? The National Taiwan Museum’s Railway Department Park has been fixed up into a nice little museum and is worth a short visit.

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The Mitsui Warehouse across the street is also worth a visit. The reflecting pool is a failure though. It just looks like a giant puddle.

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