Taipei Main Station to get new navigation system


I think this could be leveraged into a tourist feature of Taipei. Some sort of Escape from the Crystal Maze type game with hidden easter eggs.

Either that or build a half-size replica next to the main station so we can practice extractions.


People who get lost in Taipei Main Station are just incredibly lazy and should go back to their home country. They should not be living in Taiwan with it’s amazing Main Station culture, frankly they do not deserve to be here.

Those who are truly dedicated to Taipei Main Station know that it is really easy to learn how to get around the station. All you have to do is live near it for 5-10 years, and study in the Taipei Main Station Intensive Navigation Course at Taiwan National Normal University’s Station Navigation Training Center for the first few years. Some people claim they can’t do that because it costs NT$35,000/month and takes six hours a day, but they are just the typical ignorant people you meet here all the time.

People are just lazy, it is so easy to get around that station if you just put it in a tiny bit of effort. The fact that some people live in Taiwan for ten or twenty years without bothering to intensively study Taipei Main Station Navigation just absolutely disgusts me.


They’ve been trying. For years. Alas, they’re still stuck in Taipei Main Station.




Has anyone downloaded this new “APP”? Does it work?

(Just look up “Taipei Main Station Navigator” in the App Store.)


I think China must have built a 1:1 scale version somewhere in Xinjiang…




I remember one time back in 2013 I went down into the bowels of the station to find some toy yellow ducks for my kids and didn’t emerge until 2017.
To make matters worse everybody laughed at me with the yellow ducks , didn’t I know horses were it now.
Who the hell would want yellow ducks ?

True story.


Shh! Don’t leak state secrets! :zipper_mouth_face:

That could turn the tide of the war…


Wonder how much money, from who, to who, was passed in a brown paper bag for this brilliant accomplishment?


The maps are still wrong. Taipei always likes to put the direction you’re facing at the top and not north of the top

These two are both facing the same direction and different. Where did the money go!


Except not always, apparently. I always assumed it was completely random.


I’m in the station but the app doesn’t think I’m in the station… Does it even work?


after these elections i can’t be surprised anymore when i see backwards shit. taiwan still has a way to go.


I knew it wasn’t just me when a couple of obasans asked me how to make sense of one arrow pointing towards the ceiling and one towards a wall.