Taipei mechanic at your service, near Hakka Park, at the end of Shida Rd (客家公園,師大路底)

Hi fellow cyclists. I’ve been away for 6 years doing bicycle mechanic in Melbourne, Australia. Now, I’m back to Taipei and having a private workshop providing specialty services. I now work as a freelance mechanic. Apart from general repairs, my expertises are SHIMANO shifter rebuild/repair, wheelbuilding and hydraulic brakes, etc. In a nutshell, I mostly do those repairs that local shops are reluctant or unable to deal with. Please check my profile for full details.

As a warmup, I’ll try to reply more discussions on this forum. I already have more contribution on the bicycle forum in PTT under the same username, though it’s in Chinese.

I’m also a keen typewriter collector and repairman. Complementary check-over is also available.

Feel free to inquire or ask questions.


I always wondered what a Chinese typewriter layout would look like.

Hey Luke, which shop were you working in in Melbourne?

I’m not fortune enough to get typewriters for Asian. 9/10 my machines were literally bought overseas and now shipped back to Taipei. They are either British or other European keyboard layout.

Since late 2012
St. Kilda Cycles
AvantiPlus Collingwood
Fitzroy Cycles (in Carnegie)
Quality Bicycle Repairs
Croydon Cycleworks

The past year (2018) I pretty much did home based repairs(shifters, wheels and hydraulics) and pre-owned parts deals.

Lots of experience. Welcome to the forums!

I just googled your location. That’s not near Shida (the university), but near Shida Rd., or more specifically, what’s called the wrong side of it, i.e. west of Roosevelt. You should say near Hakka Park. So can I get to your shop by riding through the Hakka Park?

Much appreciated about the correction. Yes it’s much closer to Hakka Park. I’ll update.

Yes it’s right behind the Hakka park and I’m here most of time. Not a real shop so best give me a head-up before coming. Contact details in the profile page.

By the way I’m wondering if you ever get any machining requests… you know to make adapters or lightweight version of something.

I have a manual mill and I can machine stuff to print. Can do CNC (have to farm it out) if the customer wants a sufficient quantity.

I do have a fair bit of awkward or bizarre customization on my own bike but I don’t do it on customer’s bike. Simply for liability concerns. I might need your help in the future. Appreciated for the info.

I wouldn’t drill any holes in a customer’s bike but an adapter plate can be made that goes on a customer’s bike without modification. I think that’s a much safer bet and if you use aluminum it should not add much weight


Well, lets see then :grinning:.
I am looking for a set of 26" carbon rims / wheels, to replace my 20 yr old Spinergy rims (which look as new as the day I bought them in 1998, but you know the stories …).

Rim brakes, 9 speed, 1" tires, rim preferably 50mm high.
Use only on the road as training bike.

I searched a lot, but came up empty handed so far.

Alternatively, if really no option, I can go 650C with disk brakes / new hydraulic brake system, but not preferable.

Any suggestions?

You’ll need to broaden your criteria as 26" carbon rim is pretty much non-existent for aftermarket. A possible way to achieve is 1. go disc brakes, 2. find high end cyclo-cross wheelset which is 700c in wide rim profile. 3. go 700x25 or 28C.
Otherwise custom built wheelset if 700c/50mm rim is available.

The tyre clearance should be sufficient and hub spacing is correct without further adaptation. Disc brakes in MTB area are widely available and plenty of options. BB drop should be very similar as wheel/tyre overall diameter is close to 26 MTB setup.


I didn’t think Chinese typewriters existed at all, I mean it just doesn’t seem all that practical.

By the way I’m just wondering, you know that model of bikes U Bike uses, do they sell the same model with generator hubs on both wheels out there? When I bike safety is really important and I don’t like the idea of sticking a battery powered flashlight on a mount where the battery could run out and now you have no light.

If my source is correct, U bike is proprietary specified, not based on any existing model; Apart from that, without a government funding and mass quantity, a bike like this will definitely ends up a market failure (too pricey).

There are many USB rechargeable brands now eg. Knog, Dosun, etc. I personally use both these brands and they do a pretty good job.

Well, the trouble is, you have to remember to take your bike light inside to charge the USB or replace the battery. It’s a pain in the butt but I guess people put up with it. I just like having a generator hub that gives me light or whatever other electrical thing (for example charging your phone) whenever you pedal. No idea why it’s not common.

I gather you can’t find a bicycle with 2 generator hubs pre-installed for 10,000NT (that’s the replacement cost if you were to lose a You Bike)? I guess I should go rent a U Bike and “lose” it…

Some “repair porn” today.


That looks like disassembly to me, not repair.

This is the part I can do myself. Putting it back together is the hard part, especially without leftover parts.


My apologies and I totally agree with you about the hard part. Rebuild is an agonizing task and it’s hard to keep record and take photos with greasy fingers.