Taipei - Nanjing direct flights launched

Just got this email, thought it might be of interest to some.

CI/AE inaugurate Cross-strait charter flights to Nanjing from 01Nov 2008

Effective 01Nov 2008, CI/AE launch cross-strait charter flights to Nan-Jing by A333 with only three-hour flying time to make it easier for passenger to travel between Taipei and Nanjing.[/quote]

It also includes a timetable: it seems they’re scheduled on saturdays only for now, leaving 09:30 and arriving 12:30

It’s China Airlines but hey, if you gotta be in Nanjing…

Er, how is that direct? Nanjing is the same distance as Hong Kong from Taipei. So it should be a 1 1/2 hour flight.

Yeah, direct, like directly through HK air space, then Nanjing.


Same as it is with other ‘direct’ flights to China. Beats a transfer though.

Direct doesnt necessarily mean non stop nor the shortest distance between two points.