Taipei neighborhoods

Hey everybody,

I’m gonna be moving to Taipei from May-December and was just looking for a general description of Taipei’s different neighborhoods as I try to figure out where I want to live. Is there any kind of website or thread that has already been written on this topic?

I’m gonna be on a student budget, so basically I’m hoping to live somewhere close to the MRT in a neighborhood that is on the cheaper side in terms of rent and places to eat/buy groceries. I’ll be attending NTU and plan to continue training martial arts at a place near the Taipei city hall MRT station, so those would be the two locations I want to be able to most easily access. Also I’m from NYC so taking public transit all the time is something I’m very used to and plan to continue doing.

Anybody have any suggestions? Are there any “sketchy” neighborhoods of Taipei where you can find some great apartments and low prices? The most important things for me in a location are convenience to those two locations I’ve listed/proximity to useful metro lines, affordable price, and having at least a small kitchenette so I can cook and save money not having to eat out all the time.

Any suggestions?

Tai-Da (which is what everyone here calls NTU) and Taipei City Hall are in Da’an and Xinyi, respectively. Neither is cheap overall for Taipei; but certainly inexpensive places can be found in them, especially if you’re not too picky. And it’s good that you used the word “small” with kitchenette – less chance you’ll be disappointed. :wink:

For shuttling back and forth between those two spots, a place near Jilong Road might do, depending on just where on the large Tai-Da campus you’ll be taking classes. Then get a bus rather than the MRT. Or find a place on an MRT line and get used to transferring. Your desire for a short lease, however, will make apartment hunting more challenging.

You’ll be OK for inexpensive food in any part of the city, if you look around.

I live in a cheap place in Da An. It’s alright.

It would maybe help him (her?) out more if we gave prices. I lived in Zhongshan near one of the former Flora Expo parks and got a place with a mini-kitchen that was about 12 ping (40 sq m I think?) for NT$10k a month, nothing included. It had an elevator and a doorguy – really useful when you need to receive mail while out – but it certainly was not new. It was the cheapest I could find in the area (and I spent a good several weeks looking around on the local real estate websites). I think prices have gone up since then, but I’ve left Taipei behind for Taoyuan.

That area around the HighspeedRail/ MRT station around PANCHIAO looks like it could be in Japan !! How about that area? One could take a 15 min ride into Taipei Main Station using the MRT or even the local train or the Highspeed Rail from Panchiao to Taipei Main. All from the same station.

could be some great apts with good deals to be had there?

Panchiao main station is like Taipei main with the HSR/ local train / MRT all in one building !

I think upon reading some posts here and poking around real estate websites Da’an seems like my best bet.

One more question, where is most of the nightlife concentrated? Part of me thinks it could be fun to live in that sort of area… the other half tells me stay away.

Used to be Shida area (in Daan). not anymore *sigh.

Alternatives:Zhongxiao East Road, between Tunghua Roads and Sun Yat-sen Memorial Hall. Both sides of Taan Road. Close to the nightlife in Zhongxiao district.

Around Liuzhangli MRT station: cheap, convenient, nice grenery and close to night life in Xinyi without breaking the bank.

I’d be looking for something near the Zhongxiao Xinsheng metro station. Easy metro ride for martial arts, easy bus ride to school.

Other alternative would be in some of the backstreets north of Zhongxiao E. Rd. near city hall metro station, though it’d be less convenient for getting to NTU.

Being near the nightlife is almost irrelevant. If you’ve got the money to burn at a bar you might as well factor a couple of hundred NT into the evening’s budget for a taxi.

Thought I’d add my appartment info incase more people want the info.

I live in Zhonghe, and it takes about 20 mins to get to Guting station by public transport and walking.
my place is 24 square meters, living/bed area plus small bathroom, for 7000NT, everything included except water, gas and electricity.