Taipei Polam Kopitiam (Xinyi branch) food poisoning

Fun fact and I will disappear into the darkness.

Most sugar uses animal bones as charcoal in their processing. Not vegetarian. I think for most food, many people might be shocked to know how non vegetarian/vegan things are. I only mention this because: think how common sugar is in all matters of food and drink. Nearly everything outside raw. Nevermind the obvious amounts of animal death and contamination in food. I doubt a single powdered wheat product doesn’t have dead animals in it. The farming side kills trillions of trillions of animals. But just sugar, literally touches toasted animal bones. We will consume that. For those that care about gelatin, might be worth a Google :slight_smile:

I just like making vegetarians squirm a bit. Back to your regular scheduled programing.

Ps. I’m vegetarian lol

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Six deaths.

All killed by mishandled kuei tiao with a substitute chef (really more like a recent grad) working alone at an allegedly “vegetarian” restaurant. Just awful.


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