Taipei Public Library, directions please

I am coming in from Keelung on Monday to visit the Taipei Public Library. I heard it is on Chung-gwo Road, section 2, No. 125, as below.

but how to get there from Taipei main RR station? Bus # or MRt route?


Location: Taipei Public Library

You’ve got the address right, and yes, it is different from the library by CKS hall… just figured that out myself this year.

There might be a bus that runs by there from the Taipei Main Station, but I can’t find my bus schedule now. Just checked my map and you should be able to take the MRT to the Technology Building (take the blue line from the main station, then transfer to the brown line going south to Technology Building). From there, you should be able to walk to the library in 10-15 minutes. If you lookat a map, find Jianguo and Daan Park. The Library is on the south-east side of the park. Technology Building MRT stop is SE of both. Clear as mud?

If you’re coming from Jilong, your best bet is to get the Airbus (from across the road form the Jilong Railway Station in front of the hospital) into Taipei. After the bus passes Taida university, get off at the corner of Xinsheng S RD and Heping E Rd (just before the corner actually) where you’ll see a Subzone and a gas stsation. This is right before the SW corner of Da An park. Walk along the bottom of Da An park to the SE corner. This is the corner of Keping E Rd and Jianguo S Rd (not Chung Guo). You’ll see the Wenhua Uni downtown campus. Just to the Nth is the library.


Location: Taipei Public Library

[quote=“formosa”]I am coming in from Keelung (Jilong) on Monday to visit the Taipei Public Library. I heard it is on Chung-gwo Road, section 2, No. 125, as below.

It’s Jianguo
or even Chienkuo
but not Chung-gwo Road

Tall grey building on the east side on Da-an park

from the taipei train station get the 3 15 or 18 bus across the street, these go to heping e rd, get off at daan park and proceed as sir donald bradman says above.

thanks, everyone. i will never get lost with you guys around. sheh sheh!

:laughing: maybe we should give formosa our mobile numbers too, just in case he gets lost.

And you do mean “xie xie” right? :wink:

Good god man! You come all the way from Keelung just to visit a library? Don’t they have TV up there where you live?
Books? Bah! Who needs them? Reading is bad for your eyes and puts all sorts of strange notions into your noggin. Better to stick to Taiwan TV variety shows.

Aint that the truth! You also forgit to point out that book-learnin’s for sissy panty-waisters.

who said anything about books? I am going there to watch some videos… Madoka Ozawa anyone?

Does anyone know if you can return something to one branch of the Taipei Public Library that you borrowed from a different branch?

Over the weekend, I finally got myself a library card as my son and I borrowed a video from our neighborhood branch of library. We were looking for another video and found it on the library website catalogue – our target video was located and available in a dozen other branches. With the hunt now on, we made our way clear across the city and borrowed that video, too.

It’s now Monday and I fly out tomorrow. I have a ton of errands and things to prepare. My local library hasn’t even opened yet, but it’s on my route of things to do and visit today. Do I still have to go all the way to the other branch?

From their website:
(8)All checked out materials can be returned to the Main Library or any other branches.


Thank you

I use the Taipei Library all the way here in the nether regions of the south! Anyone with a legal residence can join the library. The catch is you must send them your actual ARC for processing.

Since the ARC is the most valuable document I own, I contacted the library, to get a contact person to work with. Then I sent it registered mail.

In two days I got a neat library card that gives me access to Overdrive, America’s number e-book and audio book distributor. It’s the main service most American Libraries use.

I almost exclusively use their Audiobooks. Their fiction section for Juvenile (my main interest) and other forms are great! They have all of the Percy Jacksons, Goosebumps and other series.

Their non-fiction leaves a lot to be desired. Has anyone requested new acquisitions before? How many requests do you need before they consider purchasing new books. I’d love to create some form of “Foreign Friends of Taipei Public Library Group” to increase our leverage. I’d also like to find a way to anonymously but publically share our interest on what books we’d like the library to purchase.

Of course we should have to request the new books to the library under our own name privately but, there is such a degree of hate between the left and the right among US citizens, even here in Taiwan, I don’t want anyone’s job prospects or peace of mind disturbed.

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I did two years ago, and got a notice of purchases two months ago. They have a really long list of requests.

How do you think a group like that would work? Would the goal be to order books simultaneously or en masse to demonstrate the level of interest?

Nothing so big. Just as a way to show the level of interest and to have the fellow foreigner think “Hey, that sounds like a great read. I’ll request a copy too”.
I cannot read Chinese very well. The book requesting area is in Chinese exclusively. I think once you’ve made a request for a particular book, and it’s been requested before, there is a counter that tells you the number of requests. Maybe that’s the Kaohsiung Library.

I’d assume that there is a threshold that must be reached before a purchase is made.
Can a regular library patron pop over and talk with the circulation desk or management and ask what the process is for requesting and purchasing new books. I’m mainly interested in the Overdrive E- and audio books.