Taipei public school jobs

Hi folks, where does one find jobs up in Taipei public schools? I’ve looked on Tealit and other other sites and the closest I’ve come is the agency Teach Taiwan, but although they told me they’d find me a job in Taipei, they only actually found me one in Taoyuan…

I think the most common way is through an agent. They will usually post them in some Facebook groups or on a few job boards like Tealit or InstajobsAsia. I believe you can also apply through the MOE, but I’m not familiar with that process.

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From my experience recruiters are the only way to get hired. Each region has a contact with a certain agency.
The thing is that jobs aren’t available until early May.


Does anyone have the recruiters’ email?

Most public school jobs are outside of Taipei. Still, if you want, you can look at the job boards at Dewey, teachtaiwan, yg experts, or orseek. All the jobs have the same pay. Some will give you a spousal bonus of $5000.

They do New Taipei City, Taoyuan, Kaohsiung and I think quite a few more cities. Hsinchu and Tainan maybe

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Taichung City too

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Tainan, Taichung, Chiayi City/County that I know of with certainty.

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It looks like Tealit only has posting to apply directly to public schools if you wanna go to Kinmen:

Careful about the elementary school (Jhou Huan) – they say they have a kindergarten in the job post, they will expect you to teach kindergarten (illegal). Also, they say they are applying to be a bilingual school…I have been to the two existing “bilingual” schools in Kinmen, they’re not even a tad bit bilingual (most kids and staff can’t communicate in basic English) and their foreign teachers have sham BAs and MAs from unaccredited online bible colleges and no experience with any proper schools outside of Kinmen’s schools (they were all homeschooled and didn’t attend college or grad school in person, so we’re talking about people with no classroom experience to draw from at all beyond the Taiwanese public school classroom as a teacher).

The local teachers are usually nieces and nephews of school administrators and government officials, not people with any training in teaching (關係 runs deep with them), but the Taiwan government does have incentives to bring in teachers who actually went to school for teaching.

That being said, Kinmen has developed quite a bit over the years – there’s a Carrefour, movie theater, and lots of new apartment buildings going up all over. It’s only about an hour by plane to Taipei/Taichung/Tainan/Kaoshuing, so it’s not as isolating as it looks. Lot’s of beaches with few people too. About 30 minutes by boat to Xiamen, China, if the borders ever reopen :wink:

How did you find out that the foreign teachers have sham qualifications. Did they tell you?

Well when they friended me on facebook I was curious what the universities they attended were, since that information was right next to their name and I had never heard of any of them. I looked them up; all of them were schools that either aren’t accredited, have been in and out of being accredited, or just closed in recent years. One of the former Kinmen FETs, with a masters degree and the pay that comes along with it, was telling me they were most excited about returning to the US because it meant they could actually earn an undergraduate degree from a “real school”. There is something very wrong with teaching for seven years (being paid for holding a masters degree) and then going to school to qualify for it, but Kinmen county government could not care less – they got their white people in their schools, and that is the only real qualification for foreign teachers they care about.

Ouch! I guess Kinmen can’t attract anyone else. I have two friends who live there, but they only teach adults.

Taipei job opportunities for public schools are pretty much saturated, and living there is expensive.
You are more likely to have a better chance outside of Taipei, but if you
apply though Teach Taiwan, you have to be willing to work in a rural
area. I said yes to that but they placed me in an urban community.