Taipei: Quarantine hotel with RELIABLE Wifi - Recommendations?

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I’ll be working remotely in Taiwan. Therefore fast and reliable internet during the quarantine time has the highest priority and is my biggest sorrow at the same time - besides hopefully not being positive on those incoming tests.
Very good signal reception for using unlimited data SIM card in a self-bought WiFi-Router would do the job too. Stable hotel WiFi is still preferred though, additionally to good signal reception.

If the hotel additionally allows Uber Eats or Foodpanda, that would be even greater.
Pricewise I’d like to keep it under 3k per day.

Recommendations and / or your experience with quarantine hotels would be much appreciated.

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A lot of my working friends use this place.

+886 2 2596 5111

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Make sure your room has a window. I saw that some of them do not. I’m pretty sure that’s very illegal, but this is Taiwan we’re talking about

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I stayed at Hej Taipei Arena Hotel.

Window. Biggish room. Allow UberEats, etc. 2300 per day. Fee included decent meals. Had WiFi the entire time. At airport I bought a sim anyway with unlimited data.

I got one facing main road.

Also, I first made sure they had never had any COVID cases there.

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I can’t imagine 15 nights in a room with no windows. I believe it’s called solitary confinement!
Not looking forward to returning to Taiwan just because of the quarantine situation, but I’ll get through it. Most Chinese style hotels are very dark.
My wishlist: windows that open, great wifi for work, a refrigerator, floors without carpet, and a balcony. Wouldn’t a room with a pelaton or bike be great?


I thought I could handle it fine, but at day 11 I had some sort of meltdown/ breakdown :slight_smile:

If I didn’t have a window I honestly think I would have had a medical episode. Not joking.

I also had floor without carpet. That was non-negotiable. No balcony though.

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Booked a 4-star hotel in xinyi-area, called home hotel. Costs much more than I initially wanted to spend, but didn’t feel comfortable booking a love hotel room. So I took the red pill thanks to myself, booking on short notice.

Now being here, the Internet is not as fast as claimed. I hope it’s not going to be a nightmare. Trying to get a unlimited data card through friend’s friend. When I arrived at the airport, I was instructed here and there, which made my brain going off for a while. Therefore I forgot to get a SIM card from Chungwha Telecom only. And you guessed it, I got a card from a smaller provider that delivers miserable 10Mbps in the middle of Xinyi - yes pretty much next to 101.

Hopefully other people that need stable Internet connection will read all this here before they book anything. Verify what they’re saying by telling them to use or other websites. Best practise: refresh the website after getting result, just to make sure the speed is consistent.

P.S. Did anyone pay 1500 NTD for the taxi as well? It’s been a while for me, but I think that’s rather on the top of the scale…?


Thanks for sharing. I’m headed back soon and depend on fast internet for my work. How’s the hotel otherwise? Good windows and any balconies? Having very little natural light for two weeks could be difficult.

It was NT1000 from anywhere in Taipei to TPE a few months ago. Did you get a receipt?

The hotel is otherwise good. The staff quite attentive, communication in English works flawless and got my Food Deliveries without any problems. The room was clean, big windows, but the part you can open is quite small and only partially openable. I don’t mind though. Rooms don’t have balconies. But other hotels might have some. But those rooms with balconies are obviously much more expensive.

I cannot imagine why people would choose a room without windows at all. If you’re into a self-experiment, then that’s the way to go. Otherwise I think it’s crazy even considering a room without windows.

For the taxi: Didn’t keep the receipt…

back to topic: The internet here is much better with a Chungwha SIM card.