Taipei ranked top AGAIN in 2019

It’s like clockwork at this stage.

What say ye?
Should we believe ?

If its as good as this survey said should we be staying quiet about our glorious lives here?

The explanation is better this year.
So many popular cities for migrants/expats suffer from problems related to quality of life e.g very expensive housing, healthcare issues, safety, commuting . They are too popular. The economy is booming too much .Salaries are higher but sucked away by the higher expenses especially housing .

In Taipei we don’t worry about this cos we hardly have immigrants, the economy is just so so, pay is low therefore rent is cheap meanwhile. We have great infrastructure but not overwhelming demand on it .:grin:

It’s very ironic if you think about it !


Victims of their own successes.


Exactly !
We are a success from our previous failures!

(said half jokingly ,it’s more related to politics than anything ).


The remaining eight safest cities in the world were Quebec City, Taipei, Munich, Dubai, Zurich, Bern, Eskisehir, and Hong Kong, in that order. The safety index ranked 334 cities. The crime index or score is an estimation of the overall level of crime in a given city.


Abu Dhabi and Qatar are only safe for certain types of people.

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What makes Germany so safe?


In Taipei, however, close to two-thirds (65%) say the same, and over a fifth (21%) even have a gross yearly income of over 150,000 USD (vs. 9% globally).

150,000 USD Annually - 4,500,000 NTD/Year - 375k NTD/Year.

Not sure which 20% of the population are we talking about; The vast majority of foreigners I know earn nowhere close to the figures mentioned. And of course, If I was earning 150K USD; Heck even if I was earning 100K USD, I will be more than happy!


Yep sounds like compete bollocks to be fair.

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80% is the vast majority.

It’s just Munich. It’s famously safe, the police force is well paid/equipped/trained and a bit less … “liberal” than in other cities. Don’t smoke a joint in public.

Just get drunk at the October fest!

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South African cites put in a fantastic showing, as usual!

I’m brimming over with pride! :+1:

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Bad answer.

Good answer. I’ve heard stereotypes of prudish German cops.

The Top 10 most dangerous cities in the world for 2019: The most dangerous cities in the world, according to the ranking, were Caracas (Venezuela), Pietermaritzburg (South Africa), Port Moresby (Papua New Guinea), Pretoria (South Africa), and San Pedro Sula (Honduras). Other cities that featured in the top ten most dangerous cities included Durban, South Africa; Johannesburg, South Africa; Fortaleza, Brazil; Salvador, Brazil, and Rio de Janeiro in Brazil.

Out of these cities which would you pick to live in if you had to choose?

i think these type of things are just a result of the ever growing taiwan no.1 jizz party.

due to taiwanese being a bit insecure about their countrys status they love to hear overblown endorsments of taiwan. and a whole lot of foreigners are happy to oblige. especially people just passing through, the taiwan reddit group is full of these disgusting people.

and i’m not saying taiwan isn’t great. obviously i think it is as i’ve been living here for a while with no plans of leaving. i just refuse to contribute to the jizz party. it just isn’t a grownup way to live.

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