Taipei riverside bike path news


I was going to say…your explanation couldn’t have been more generic, but I actually know what you’re talking about.

Nanyang Bridge…right?


I meant the Wan-Shou Bridge.


That’s probably right. I know it as the bridge the way I explained it!


There’s a new bike path on the left (south) bank of Jingmei River that starts from Jingmei Bridge and leads to the driving range near the confluence of Jingmei and Xindian rivers. It’s well lit at night but has very few people compared to the right bank. That’s probably because the left bank has just the bike path, whereas the right bank has basketball, tennis, and badminton courts and a much wider path that attracts cyclists and joggers.



From your description, starts here:

Ends here

It’s too bad. I was hoping they extended it all the way down to Heng Guang Bridge, this way some of us coming from Taipei don’t have to ride through the crowds to get to Maokong.


That place at the bridge at the start of Xiwan could use some improvement. But I am glad that there is a bike path at all. And I wish the bike path went all the way to Baifu, but it doesn’t. And who knows how many roads need to be crossed from that bridge in the direction of Baifu.
(Sorry ranlee. Couldn’t resist.)


Yup, that’s exactly where it is. It’s pretty short, no more than 2 kilometers. I think the reason only the right (north) bank has a path further upstream is that the river makes several big turns between Jingmei and Hengguang bridge. After Hengguang bridge you have bike paths on both sides of the river again all the way to the zoo. I’m curious how that new bridge Dawud mentioned will materialize. Haven’t ridden that far upstream in a while.


Keep saying it, those bikeways are marvelous, specially on a Monday morning …


I was out on it yesterday morning from 8-9AM.

Not as bad as I remember it. However, I was going at a turtle pace and didn’t mind having to slow down for some congestion.


Have they repaved parts of the long section between (roughly) Ximen and Guting? I rode it for the first time in a few months yesterday and it was a lot better than I remember. Saw some smooth sections with black-as-night just repaved blacktop.


I took that path yesterday from the driving range down towards Xindian just to try it out.

Path is nice, but a bit narrow. Glad I was there when the paths were empty. Can’t imagine what that section is like on a cool summer evening.

I don’t like how the path goes to nowhere and I have to go in a roundabout route through the streets to get back on the path close to Muzha and the university there.


The several times I’ve ridden it since it opened had been sparse. Maybe it’s because it’s not easy to get to.

In other news, the section between Zhongzheng and Huazhong bridges (on Taipei’s side) has been widened. So now you don’t have to go through the winding section near the campground. There’s a newly paved section that runs alongside the river that allows you to shoot straight down.