Taipei Schools That Will Accept Visitor Visas

Hello! We are US citizens with two young children (ages 5 and 3). We want to move to Taipei for a couple of years and will most likely have to be on visitor visa during this whole time. We are prepared to do the visa runs every 90 days since we’ll want to travel around Asia a bit anyway. My concern is, are there elementary schools who will accept kids on a visitor visa? We are open to smaller, private schools. Please let me know if you have heard of any schools who are open to this. Thank you!

As you probably/should know, it’s not currently possible to enter Taiwan visa-free. Nobody knows when this will change. The world isn’t the same place and it’s a bit premature in my opinion to make plans based on the assumption that “normal” will return anytime soon. Taiwan, having largely kept the virus out, has a lot to lose by opening its borders up, so it’s probably one of the countries that will be most hesitant to reinstate visa-free entry.

If I had to guess, the return of visa-free entry and viability of visa runs is a year or 2 away at a very minimum.


Public schools won’t accept your kids if they are on a visitor visa. Some private schools will.

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You may check Articles 17 and 18 of Regulations Regarding International Students Undertaking Studies in Taiwan.

You should look for schools with approved international student recruitment plans, and should apply during a certain period, if you want your kids officially accepted without a residency.

Here is a link to this year’s list of those schools. Pdf file in bilingual.


The latest one will be noticed here.

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you mean more than the constant stream of returning taiwanese is making it lose?

how many travellers does taiwan actually get? and are the majority of people travelling through taiwan taiwanese?

Thank you for your response. I should’ve clarified that we wouldn’t be moving until at 2022, at the earliest. We wouldn’t move to a new country without any planning, at least not with two young kids anyway!

In this case, why not try to get resident status? It would make your life a lot easier.


Time to start lobbying for that digital nomad visa @audreyt?

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Try to work on a plan for residency. What happens if Taiwan gets another pandemic and you’re traveling in the region on vacation? Why deal with making kids to visa runs, etc.? If you need to work later, it’s harder to switch off of a travel visa. Taiwan may also crack down on visa runs, which have become rarer. Look into legit options–work on your mandarin, etc. Especially if you have a couple of years, work towards coming legally.


We don’t plan to really work while we’re there, at least not full time and I believe a resident status requires you to be a working professional.

Taiwanese citizens have the right to come home. And Taiwan has been a lot more accommodating to resident foreigners who have been out of country than countries like Japan and Malaysia.

All indications are that Taiwan (and countries like it) is going to be very cautious about opening up its borders to non-resident foreign nationals who aren’t coming for business or some other important purpose. The risk of an outbreak caused by “someone who didn’t need to be here” isn’t one anybody with authority is going to take right now.

So you’re planning to work part time in Taiwan on visa-free status?

you could look into gold card.

minimum hour to get an ARC as a buxiban teacher is 14hr/wk, iirc.
you could be a language student to get an ARC after 6 (or 4?) months, though you should attend classes to keep the ARC.


It’s an option, but it won’t help to get an APRC in the future

That’s not what i asked nor what i said.

And if the majority of people travelling through taiwan are taiwanese, then -whilst keeping the quarantine restrictions. Adding visa free travellers is not going to suddenly create a spread of corona. Unless you are implying that Foreigners are far more likely to break quarantine.

If taiwan can have all these taiwanese coming back, plenty of them with the virus then what it shows, is that 2 weeks self quarantine works. Yes the taiwan government might want to insist its caution but lets not ignore the facts for the sake of spreading more panic please.