Taipei - Singapore Airfare

I am going to go for 4 days to Singapore around March 19~22 - Visa run. Also need hotel accomodation.
What should I expect to pay approximately for airfare? Is it cheaper to book a package airfare + hotel? I did a search for previous posters info regarding Singapore and supposedly, booking a package with a travel group would be cheaper, just don’t go touring with them.

Cheapest ticket prices to Singapore:

Haven’t tried them yet, I had just bought my last Singapore ticket when they started selling tickets in december.

My travel agent kept trying to sell me packages (plane ticket and hotel) because they would have been a good deal. I never did that because I have family in Singapore. You could always ask at Interlink: I always book through Maria…

If you need accomodation, asking Interlink might make sense. If you just need a plane ticket and tickets are available for the dates you want to go, Jet Star ticket prices probably can’t be beaten.


[quote=“iris”]Cheapest ticket prices to Singapore:

My brother flew jetstarasia last month and it seems to be pretty ok for the price paid. There’s no complimentary refreshment, but I say just bring your own snack. :wink:

Thanks guys,
I checked out the price. 6558 NT round trip. Not bad at all. Even without refreshment.


I am from Singapore. It is a pretty good time to visit now. I would say come!!

Isn’t it expensive to stay there?

Ok, do not stay in Hotel Supreme. It sucks, but it’s cheap. Do not stay at Hotel 1929, it’s funky, but the rooms are super tiny and it’s located near a loud local road (really noisy).
Stay at Albert Court. It seems nice, I didn’t stay there though. it’s reasonably priced Or stay at riverview. that looks nice too.

Have fun!

Hostel is cheap and rooms are fine.

a good place to stay is SCARLET. it’s close by hotel 1929, but it’s glorious. about sgd100 per night for a simple stay (was that a promotional price?), but definitely worth it. it’s also situated between chinatown and the financial/cultural district, so loads to roam and see.