Taipei Spot

Has anyone been? I thought it was marvelous!
My suggestion: take a weekday off, enjoy coffee on ZhongShan boulevard at Taipei Spot (before winter arrives) with a hot date. Then take that date into the theater for a French film with sex and nudity
Sit on the side away from the crowd, so you can push your date upon the felt curtains and French kiss the whole time (likely, the subtitles are impossible to read at that speed if you even can read Chinese, and you likely don’t understand French). Then take your date home and show that lovely creature your marvelous assortment of fcuk in your bedroom!
I didn’t do that, but it’s just an idea for those in the dating game.
When the entire experience is over, remember that that place used to be the U.S. embassy and tsk tsk those Americans who’ve so poo-pooed French things over the past year.
Mind you, when I went, I was with my mother, but it was still a very enjoyable experience.
Taipei Spot really hits the spot.

Yes. I loved it.

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