Taipei Summer Universiade 2017


Opening and Closing ceremony will (usually) be full crowd attendance.
You better make it quick while it lasted.
Ironically, the actual games/matches will rarely be watched other than few people.
World Games are competition for non-Olympic sports, lacrosse, in-line hockey, tug-o-war, korfball or American football are some examples.

Deaflympics is for the deaf, because they can’t play in Paralympics. Considering China getting host of 2008 Summer Olympic, and non-existent winter sports in Taiwan (aside from few ice hockey blips), there is unlikely to have any other world scale sport event in Taiwan in near future.


Seems it was going too well for some, so they need to “spice it up”…

Campaigners against pension reform were coy yesterday when asked about planned protests outside Universiade events, while rebutting Taipei Mayor Ko Wen-je’s (柯文哲) comments that protests would cause the nation to lose face.

“Gentle protests to show the international community that our government has acted inappropriately should not have a negative influence on our international image,” National Federation of Teachers’ Unions director-general Huang Yao-nan (黃耀南) said, adding that he and other teachers would attend and watch Universiade events next month, which is to be the largest international sporting event ever hosted by Taiwan.




‘Taiwan’ disappears in Universiade English media guide

Introduction to our island - Chinese Taipei.

What in the actual f?


Wow, 23 million people in Taipei, damn that’s crowded! :whistle:


I’m also seeing signs that a few roads near Taipei Arena will be closed from 4PM to 9PM from the 19th and the 30th. Gridlock!

Which I believe are the opening and closing ceremonies. Hot damn that’s a long period of time though.


Also if nayone is taking the bus aroud that areas, bus will not stop at the Arean. There will also be restrictions at closest MRT stations.


I do not know what is worse: teh careless automatic mechanical Control +F substitution, or the englishee. I was wondering why nothing about Universiade crossed our desks… Double fruta, what a lousy job!

If anyone here was involved in that disaster…


Yang Ching-tang (楊景棠), a spokesman for the Aug. 19-30 Taipei Universiade, also confirmed that the FISU has made changes to the guide, and said that all English manuals related to the Universiade have to be reviewed by the FISU before publication


Really? I know they are not natives either but they saw that and said nothing?

Moreover, I think even the Chinese must have been horrible to end up with such Englishee.


I know it doesn’t make sense, but any official publication has to follow the IOC rules on names. Crazy, yes, but Taiwan cannot host the games otherwise.


Or rather the FISU rules, in this case.


Yeah, it was just interesting to see them want to introduce “our island - Chinese Taipei”

There’s a first for everything!


Yeah, but Chinese Shanghai still beats it with a population of 24 million. :wink:


Which part of Chinese Taipei are you from, the north or the south?

People in the south of Chinese Taipei like their drinks really sweet.

I heard the eastern coast of Chinese Taipei is really lovely.


I live in the northern part of ‘the island of Chinese Taipei’. How do the people living in the Central or Southern parts of the island of Chinese Taipei feel about living on 'the island of Chinese Taipei?'
An non-political-geographical thought. Isn’t it gonna be a bit hot to play sports outside in the soaring heat? I’m thinking of football(soccer) games.


I’m so tired of all this bullshit. They shouldn’t have bid for this stupid UniversiAIDS. A waste of money and a hotbed for more corruption, as if there wasn’t enough already.


Yeah, but Shanghai is 23 times the size of Taipei. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Chinese Taipei has over 100 mountains over 3000 meters and over one thousand black bears roaming around.
Truly an impressive city!


Chinese Taipei. Chinese Taipei.

If you’re going to argue a moo point, to a cow, at least get your facts right.


Update! The wording in the intro has been changed back to Taiwan.

"Introduction of Our Island – Taiwan
Taiwan is long and narrow that lies north to south. . . .