Taipei Tech Club Meet Up

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(Updated on July 28th, thanks as always to thelostswede for keeping the thread updated.)

Come out and enjoy some cold drinks as we’ll be having our next Taipei Tech Club meetup on Friday July 31st at the Brass Monkey.

We’ve arranged a $100 drink special on Corona and Carlsberg (usually $165) as well as all pizzas for $200. Our tables will be in the back and we can mingle and shoot pool, play foosball, drink, etc.

When: Friday July 31st at 7:30pm
Where: The Brass Monkey
Address: 166 Fushing N. Road, Taipei, Taiwan, Map

Please feel free to pass this message to a friend that might be interested in coming to a Taipei Tech Club meetup as well.

Come on out if you’re interested in meeting other like-minded tech folks in Taiwan and look forward to seeing you on Friday night at The Brass Monkey.

I’ll be there and it looks like we’ve got a chap that writes for the Inquirer stop by as well, if anyone here is familiar with the site…

I can’t make it to this one, but I would like to get on your e-mail list, any details?

This one?

That’s a great name for a tech website! Good play on words from the original:

And from a brief glance their style is kind of like a tabloid/tell-all.

Sure bobl, I’ll send you a PM.

To any of the other folks that mentioned coming before, feel free to join!

I’d like to be on that mailing list as well.

Hi All,

Anything still happening regarding this ? If there is a mailing list I’d like to be on it.


There will be another one in the new year, as we figured people aren’t going to be too keen on meeting up during this time of the year to talk shop.
We’ve set up a website, but there isn’t much on it as yet, but the next meeting will be announced on there -
Feel free to PM me if you want to be added to the mailing list and I’ll make sure you get the next invite.

great to meet everyone who showed on friday night.


niubi! good name :slight_smile:

nice to meet you too, we’ll catch up again sometime in late Feb I reckon.

Please update with the next upcoming Taipei Tech Club event… would be more than happy to attend and bring more friends…

It might be on Thursday, but I’ll get back with more details as soon as it has been set in stone.

Ok, next time is March the 5th in the Tavern from about 20.00 until we’ve had enough of each others company :wink:
See you there!

Hi guys,

We have a few colleagues visiting our Taiwan offices during the week of March 30th. Some of us would much like to attend Tech Club meeting around April 1 or 2nd if it could be arranged. Tavern would be perfect locale. Who can I contact about this?

Kind Regards,

@sushilover2005: Hi i just sent you a PM.

Since we met just last week we probably won’t have another meeting so soon, but if you let me know a time and location maybe can get some of the regular guys to stop by for a drink and a chat.

RR, can it not be at the tavern? Slapping on a 10% service charge willy nilly is not cool IMO

Yeah, no problem. We can hold it somewhere else. Trying to get a rotation of places that people can find easily.

I talked to the guy running KGB and he said we were welcome there, although it’s not a huge place.
It’s on Shida Road, about 2min walk from the Taipower MRT station exit 3.

Mmmm, KGB, definitely recommended.

Ok, next one is in a weeks time, Friday the 24th from 19.30 at KGB near Shi-Da Road.

Right, it looks like the next Taipei Tech Club meeting will be in the Brass Monkey on the 31st of July, that’s next week Friday.
We’re getting discounts on beer and pizza, so even if you loath hanging out with other geeks, you could at least score some cheap beer and food :wink: