Taipei Tech Club Meet Up

Haha, didn’t see that the first post had been updated…

Argh missed this. Maybe you guys could crosspost into the event forum too? It’s not so easy to notice when a stickied post has been updated with new info, since after a while one tends to ignore the content of sticky posts.

Sure, I’ll start a new thread there ahead of the next one as soon as it has decided on where and when it’ll be.

Would be great if there was on meeting on the week of Sept 7 thru 11th. Have some friends coming in from out of town.

That might work because I’ve been talking with Maoman and we’re trying to put together a joint Taipei Tech Club / Forumosa Happy Hour at Carnegie’s on the second Thursday of September 10th. Maoman is handling the details and it’s not confirmed yet, but that’s the idea now.

Well, as this is a sticky post…
The next meetup is planned for the 16th, although we’re still trying to sort out the location.

Ok, the venue this time is Roxy Roots and it’s this Friday (the 16th) from 19.30 and onwards.

When will you guys meet up next time?

We just meet up this Friday… so I guess it’ll be another month or so until next time.

Hi guys,

There’s a Mashable social media networking meetup happening on the 28th July at 8pm. Sign up at and


is the next meeting already scheduled? Just arrived at Taipei and would be happy to attend it for my first time…

No, we had one just before Christmas and it’s likely to be until the end of the month at the earliest for the next one, as right now is a very busy time of the year for most people in the industry.

Next meetup for those interested is on March 11th at the Brass Monkey from around 19.30 and onwards

Just wanted to give this a bump, it’s tomorrow from 19.00 and we have a drinks special, NT$100 for beer, vodka, gin, tequila, whiskey, bourbon, and rum.

Keeping an eye on this thread, I’d like to get to the next meetup.

Next time should be sometime in April, but not sure when as yet, will make sure I post it here though.

Is there some sort of mailing list that the meeting announcement goes out to?

Indeed there is, but no clever sign up process…
I can forward your details though

TheLostSwede- Would also love to get involved. Please forward me details through PM so I can get on the mailing list. Thanks!

Next time will be on the 27th, just before Computex, although I don’t have the exact details as of where and what time as yet.