Taipei Theme Tour|Beitou: Hundred Years a Day

What comes to your mind when thinking of Beitou? Think it has nothing to offer but hot-springs? Think again! Quietly lying on the north side of Taipei, though, Beitou has tremendously colorful pages to be revealed, with past occupancy of aboriginal tribes and Japanese. Behind the mist lies the mysterious while exciting mixture of history, arts, natural wonders and exotic cuisines! Come join Like It Formosa to explore the lights and shades of this steamy town.

You will:
● Discover the origin and abundant secrets of the “Witch’s Town”.
● Explore marvelous, hundred-year-old architectures and designs.
● Savor the unique culture of Beitou combined with aborigines,Japanese and Taiwanese.
● Get your mouth full by exquisite local treats that can’t be found elsewhere!

WHEN: 14:00 – 17:00, May14th, 2016
WHERE: Meet up @ Exit of MRT Xinbeitou Station

  • Prior online registration: NT$ 400
  • On-site registration: NT$ 500
    (Both paid on-site)

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