Taipei Times front page--keepin' it classy

From 7/29/13. No article, just the caption.


What are those, pumpkin seeds at the bottom?

I would feel “challenged” attempting to eat one , I fear. :astonished: Taiwan has yet to suffer Ann Summers Parties. :unamused:
I see the Times in London did not print :slight_smile: this.

Aaaaghhh! NSFW! NSFW!!!

So glad my boss wasn’t walking by… and I think my co-workers who sit behind me were looking the other way when the image flashed on my screen…

We usually put all of the day’s newspapers one by one on a table just at as you walk in… Normally you just walk in, pick your pile absentmindedly, and take them mechanically to your desk. Need a cup of coffee to really notice the details. Let’s just say yesterday was an exception… Ugh. Tell you what I think but might be a bit Off Topic…