Taipei Times not covered in Google News

Although eTaiwanNews and China Post both make it into Google News’ listings, Taipei Times does not. Considering the TT Web site has gotten over a quarter-billion hits over time, this seems strange.

[Later edit] This is not so! Ooops.[/b]

I sent a message to Google about it several months ago, but nothing changed. I sent another message today after noticing the ommission for a second time. Here’s a link for others who wish to do the same:…/#no_fav_source

Ironically, Xinhua and People’s Daily usually top the list for GoogleNews.

Maybe because the company hasn’t yet come up with “Google Tripe”?

What the heck are you talking about? Taipei Times is one of the most frequently appearing papers in Google News (I have a section of Google News set to “taiwan” in English), so much so that I consider it over-representation, especially because most of the time it is its garbage editorials that show up.

Anyway, eTaiwanNews is the government mouthpiece, too, which often copies from Liberty Times, so you can get your fix there if for some reason you don’t receive your daily dose of green via Taipei Times.

[quote]China Daily Taiwan is inseparable, says China
Times of India, India - 4 hours ago
BEIJING: China on Thursday denounced as an ‘exaggeration’ the latest Pentagon report that its military could pose a credible long-term threat to the US and reaffirmed its strong resolve to deny independence to Taiwan.
China may face boycott of Olympics if it attacks Taiwan: US
China says US is scaremongering
China tipping military scales, US warns Taipei Times
The Age - Reuters - all 213 related

At the present time, I have several Google Alerts set up, and I receive daily notices of “activity.”

One of my Google Alerts is for “Taiwan” and another is for “One China Policy,” and in fact I often do get hits for the Taipei Times.

Hence, according to what I am seeing, Google does indeed include the Taipei Times.

Hahahahaha! Yeah, right! Are they still adding 16 “hits” every time you refresh your screen? This dovetails nicely with the circulation of 200,000 a day they boasted of. According to one of the presidents of the company the day after he arrived, the real circulation is about 5,000 copies a day. Yep, that’s low, but just goes to show how much shite the rest of the industry is fobbing off on readers re circulation.
But then if the Times says it, it must be true… :loco:

Don’t you wish you were sitting on a beach too?

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Yes. I was wrong about this.

I jumped to a conclusion too quickly. I searched for ‘son-in-law +Taiwan’ looking to see how much international coverage the latest scandal got. Tons of stories from China Post and eTaiwan News came up, but nothing from TT.

But it was just because of how the stories were grouped, not that TT isn’t covered.

yeah but on the otherhand for google news as well as various rss aggregators I get lots of xinhua and people’s daily for Taiwan too. Usually they are posted or repeated many times, practically spamming articles closer to editorials. But then again, TT is pretty partisan too.