Taipei to enforce fines for bikes on sidewalks


separate from a pavement. and something that you don’t need to continuously hop on and off of. the bike path is for leisurely getting around the city, its not for serious commuting or anything.


It really made me remember the video below, but with bicycles instead of cars :banana:



Sometimes, especially during rush hour, it’s far safer and more sensible to use the bike paths. In fact, I absolutely hate sucking down vehicle exhaust so when there’s a road and bike path parallel to each other I’ll almost always take the bike path. I have never read a serious notion anywhere that bike paths are not for commuting around the city.


You are missing the point I think. The bike path system is not complete or segregated enough to cut commuting times. In comparison to cities seriously committed to cycle commuting like Copenhagen


and where did i say the roads are for commuting by bicycle? the bike paths are for leisure, the roads are for scooters and cars, the kings of the road. thats the mentality of the govt, whether they pretend they are serious about cycling or not.


By now I’m completely confused what point you’re trying to make. Surely it’s not that the paths aren’t connected in a tidy manner, there’s another entire topic for that. Previously it sounded like you’re trying to argue for pedestrians to walk in the bike lanes, because “they’re not a proper bike lane,” in your words. Despite having multiple bike markings.

Okay. So then you basically said bike lanes aren’t a serious way to get around the city… After my rebuttal now all you’re saying is, bike lanes are for leisure and basically nothing else is suitable for bicycles.

I’m pretty sure we were in agreeance originally as we both had the same points to begin with. Now I have absolutely no idea what your big point is here. Are you just trying to state the government’s standpoint or is there an actual opinion I’m missing?


they are fucking extended pavements with white lines painted on. people are going to walk in to them. especially with how crowded it is and how much junk is parked/placed on the pavements.

my point is that they are not proper bike lanes. they are not designed as such and the govt are not committed to making proper ones either. scooters and cars are still no.1
so don’t be surprised that people walk in them.


In the past 3-4 years since the Youbike has gotten popular, Taipei City government and Mayor Ko have done a pretty damn good job putting in a system when there wasn’t one.

As much as we would like to see your idea be put in place, it won’t happen in our lifetime.

At least there’s a system, right? Or would you rather be riding your Youbike on the road, I hear there’s less pedestrians there.


its a half assed system. good for a leisurely bike, thats about it. it wouldn’t have taken any more work to make a proper bike path they are just not committed to it because scooters are no.1, why should i give them praise for that? and yes everytime i ride a bike here i need to ride on the road in certain places. got no choice.

now the river paths is something i can give them praise for, thats something really great.


TBF, it took Copenhagen 35 years to build their system and for the views of society to change. Now cycling is the most convenient way to get around the city and over 40% of people commute to work by bicycle.

This is cycling infrastructure.


hopefully views can change here too, can’t say i am very hopeful though with the scooter situation being what it is.


What we need is to get the blind lanes back up and running. Taipei spent billions to get blind lanes set up on all its sidewalks 25 years ago. No blind person ever, ever used them. The inner city bike lanes are a similar waste of money.


What blind lanes? Never heard of it.


Will they issue tickets to pedestrians who walk in the bike lanes?

This is what makes the idea of “bike lanes/paths” absurd, eventually walkers and joggers will take it over. Hell, they recently doubled the size of the scooter lane and added a bike lane on a bridge here, scooters took that over in a heartbeat. They use it as an extra land and passing lane.

Riding in the street is not a great option. Making a bad traffic situation, even worse. It is bad enough pedestrian walk openly in the streets, due to no sidewalks. But, if there were sidewalks, scooters would just ride and park on them. I guess infrastructure was not planned out.

The police cannot do anything. They can huff and puff, but doubtful anything meaningful will come from this. Shop owners are helpless to prevent scooters from blocking their passageways. I guess the gangs could do something.


This is the solution to everyone’s problem.

No one can be mad about Star Wars and bikes combined into a nice medley about…not walking in the bike lane.


What constitutes illegal parking for bicycles? I haven’t seen many designated parking spaces for bicycles.


You mean this…

Also, beginning on January 1 of next year, bicycles which have been parked illegally will be towed away.

Near MRT stations there’s lots of bike parking areas. On the newly renovated sidewalks there’s few places with parking areas where you can roll your front wheel into a rail and lock it. The issue with parking areas is lots of people park there and end up leaving their bikes there to rot. Thus, not emptying up spots for people that actually need to park there.