Taipei to Kenting

Here are some pics of my trip to Kenting with my crew for Spring Scream. It was quite a blast, getting there was half the adventure. Look at the rockslide and fog pics and you will know what I mean. … ,1%253af,0 … hp?t=19664 … hp?t=19714

How long did it take to get from Taipei to Kenting and back again since you could not use the highway?

It took us forever to get there cause of the rain, fog, and oh yeah, the rockslide. Never go down the middle of the island, scenery great, but the weather is very unpredictable. Took use 12 hours, this time is including 3 meal stops, 6 gas station stops, clearing a rockslide, getting lost in Taichung and Kaoshiung for a bit, and battling through weekend traffic. However, the ride back was a diffreent story. We took the Tai-Ye (No.1) from Kaoshiung, then from Tainan we went on the No. 17 freeway (cars only, but it’s not officially opened yet so what the heck). Coming back we made it in 9 hours, stopping twice for meals, and 4 times for gas.

nice pics dude…what kind of can do you have on your bike?..looks quite small!!

Trickster Motogp can. They make pipes for the Kawasaki Race team for the Japanese race circuit. Bike sounds like a motogp bike. Has adeep rumble, and screams in high revs. Many will hate me, but the can is rated at 113db. Yep, it’s loud as sh*t!

sweet!..just wait until you hear the “Z”…I thought I had heard loud cans on Ducati’s…but i was surprised by these Akrapovic slip-ons!..

Quick question: when you get pulled over for aftermarket exhausts on these big bikes, how do the cops even know if they’re aftermarket or not? I mean, I can see if it was a fancy pipe on a 125 scooter, but how the hell do they know the difference when its a big bike on which the stock pipes look all super-fancy to begin with? Do they have a picture book or something to compare?

…I’m sure there are a few cops that do know something because I know some that ride as well…but the majority don’t know a thing about bikes!!..they just takes shots in the dark and try to look smart!..I’ve been asked what kind of bike I have by a person looking directly at it…It says “Kawasaki” on the tank an dthe bike is the Kawasaki house color green!..that’s a no brainer but it appears that some know absolutely nothing!

Actually, they do. The inspectors have a catalog of all the technical diagrams for each bike that is allowed to be sold in Taiwan stored on their computers. Plus, unlike how we perceive those monkeys at the DMV to be. They aren’t as dumb as they look. First time I took my ZRX1200 to get plates at the DMV on Bade Road, I had installed crash protectors on bike. I also had removed the nerdy looking exhaust heat cover. Without doing anything, the DMV guy took one look and said, go back and take off crash protectors and put the heat cover back on and come back next time. Some of those DMV inspectors know quite a bit about bikes, so it isn’t easy to fool them. There are a few cops that ride in my group, and they sure know their sh*t about bikes, so don’t except every cop to be totally clueless.