Taipei to Tainan

We’ll be moving from the US to Taiwan this summer and looking at Tainan. Traveling with my wife and two teenage daughters and our luggage, what would be the best way to travel from CKS airport to Tainan? Connecting on through Sungshan as part of an airline ticket package costs about US$200 per person but we’d have to ride a shuttle to Sungshan. Would a direct bus, train, or HSR from CKS to Tainan be a better choice? Other options?

HSR (high-speed rail) to Tainan will be what I would do

See if you can get a flight arriving in Kaohsiung instead of Taoyuan - It is much nearer to Tainan. Otherwise, if arriving at Taoyuan, take a train or freeway bus. Getting a connecting flight via Songshan would involve traveling from Taoyuan Airport to Taipei City, which in the opposite direction from Tainan, and would probably take longer than going from Taoyuan to Tainan by train or bus.

Everything I’ve found so far from the US flies to CKS, then transfers through Songshan to anywhere else on the island, usually with a 4.5 hour layover. Looks like HSR is the way to go.
Anyone have experience with an express bus on that route?

Hsing Hsin(maybe Ho? something like that), the big red bus, is the best bus from CKS to Tainan.
It has videos at each seat, the drivers are not drunken bin lang chewers and they have clean bathrooms in the belly of the bus.
Take a taxi from CKS down to their station on the main road in Taoyuan.
The HSR is also an alternative to the 4 hour or so bus ride.
There are free HSR buses to and from the Tainan HSR terminal very frequently. They go all over Tainan.

Ho Hsin is indeed a very good bus trip down to Tainan, but after a long flight from the US, I would opt for the HSR. I wouldn’t be looking for a 4 hour bus trip. It all depends on arrival time at CKS.


How much is the ticket for a trip from taipei to tainan by the HSR?


That depends on when you go. But, basically, NT$1,350 or less (one way).