Taipei To World = $$

After watching a movie, I decided to see the cost to fly from Taipei to Paris.
The websites I consulted was and
The dates of travel for all flights is 4-12-05 through 4-16-05, and all roundtrip.
The lowest I found from Taipei to Paris was $2,781USD($89,000NT)

From Taipei to Chicago: $1217USD($39,000NT)

Now the tricky part. From Chicago to Taipei was only $846USD($27,000NT)
And Chicago to Paris: $609USD($19,500NT)

Let’s do the math. If I was in Chicago and I flew to Taipei and back, then from Chicago to Paris and back it would only cost me $1455USD($46,500NT)

Or Taipei to Chicago, Chicago to Paris, Paris to Chicago, then Chicago Back to Taipei $1826USD($58,400)

Whole trip from Chicago - $1455USD($46,500NT), Taipei to Paris only $2,781($89,000NT), difference of $1326($42,400NT)

Whole Trip from Taipei - $1826USD($58,400NT), and Taipei to Paris only is $2781($89,000NT), difference of $955USD($30,500NT)

So why the hell is it so expensive to go straight there from Taipei!!! Yet cheaper to take 2 trips around the world???

The US government has deregulated the airline industry. “The elimination of government economic regulation of the airlines has resulted in lower fares and a wide variety of price/service options.” Airfare in the US will always be cheaper.

If you look to buy a ticket with more flexible dates from Taipei to Paris, you will be able to find a ticket under $900. travelocity However I noticed that the tickets at that price were unavailable because of the late date of travel. To get cheap tickets they always suggest that you get the tickets at least one month in advance, that you stay at your destination for at least one saturday, and that you are flexible about your dates of travel.

It’s shocking that they would charge as much as $2,781 to travel to Paris. The government protects the airline industry in most countries, so perhaps it is good for the airlines, but we consumers can really suffer as a result.

What airline did you get quotes from? Just checked on Eva’s website and Taipei - Paris around the dates you quote is 39000 ecomony & 105000 business, both return tickets.

Orbitz are retarded for a start. And then you’re looking at what appear to all be US sites - of course they’re not going to have the cheapest fares. Get your wife to help out, and check . They’ll probably be much cheaper. Looking at EZ Travel, I found return for those dates at NT$21,950, flying Malaysian.

Sounds excessive - flights to Europe on economy class are normally around 40k, ticket purchased via local travel agents.
Otherwise try the websites of airlines but specify Taiwan as your current location / departure (this may affect the pricing).

Or just call Sean at Interlink for a quote: 02 2578 0611