Taipei water + skin disease

Howdy folks,

Since I’ve been in Taipei I’ve noticed some people with skin conditions that makes their skin look scaly and dry. While I’ve been in Taipei on and off for 4 months now I’ve always stayed at the same hostel and never had any issues. About a week ago I decided to try out a new place just to get a change of scenery. Within this short period of time I’ve noticed two little splotches of the dry scaly skin. Therefore, the hypochondriac that I am is in full action.
At the moment I’m inclined to believe the source of this might be the water supply based on history and how wide spread I’ve seen the issue. As someone who suffered from psoriasis, I knew it’s not that. Therefore I’m looking for any insights as to what this skin condition might be that plague so many in Taiwan.


Probably either fungal since Taiwan is so humid or dry patches from the AC always on.

Suffered from psoriasis? Did you get rid of it? Please share.

People here have all kinds of skin diseases. Heavy water, high humidity, mold and fungus common as dirt, general lack of hygiene…

For psoriasis I was using antibacterial soap with triclosan - turns out that stuff is a double edged sword as it severely undercuts the skins ability to heal. But antibacterial soap + exfoliating wash cloth/gloves is what I used for a while ,(5 years) and kept my skin ok. At some point at the recommendation of my friend I stopped using a custom Homebrew moisturizer that was vasaline based and started using coconut oil instead. Shortly after I started using Castile soap because of the issue of the antibacterial soap.

So I’d say a combination of exfoliating gloves + antibacterial or Castile soap + coconut oil.

Coconut oil it’s the only thing I’ve been using steadily which I think is a underrepresented factor. I think the Castile soap is highly viable and maybe use the antibacterial soap 1-2 a week and that would be the biggest piece of advice.
Edit: I also started adding a dash+ of peppermint oil to my coconut oil.

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Water supply? Don’t just look at the water. Look at other things like eating habits primarily. Also look at cleaning solutions used on bedding and clothes.

My skin gets dry and flakey when I leave Taiwan mostly because it’s adapted to high humidity in Taipei. Also I need chapstick for my lips because they start cracking. Frequently happens in Europe after about 5 days and in different parts of USA.

Those pictures are hard to interpret but could be bacteria. And mold is always an issue in Taiwan. Are you having any sinus issues?

Thank you.

My diet has been unchanged for the most part, I eat like a local no matter where I go and have never had any problems. The only variable that has changed is where I have stayed these past few weeks.
I will admit, after day 2 of noticing this discoloration I purged my bed sheets and gave myself one hell of a scrubbing. The two afflicted areas on my body are stable and not expanding so, I’ll accept that for now.
Also I’ve been dosing the spot with peppermint oil which is anti-viral/bacterial.