Taipei with a 2-year old / babysitter, Wulai and other qestions

I am moving to Taipei with my husband and son for 4-5 months starting 10th of September. I’ve been doing some research, but have some issues I would like to confront with you.

    Our son will be 1 year and 10 months old at the time we come and we will need something for him for 6-7 hours a day. Here at home he is used to being with a nanny (7 hours a day), so ideally I would like to have a similar arrangement in Taipei. Could you tell me what does the babysitter business look like in Taiwan? Do many Taiwanese hire babysitters, or is it just an expat thing? What is the pay range (per hour, per month)? How to find one? Is it normal to hire someone for a relatively short period (i.e. 4 months) off the record, or is there some strict policy?
    Alternatively, I read that kindergartens are normally open for children 2 years up - will they accept a child 1,5 months before his 2nd birthday? Is it even possible to find a place for such a short period? How much do they cost? We would definitely prefer a babysitter, but I would like to know about any possible options.
    Language is not really an issue (as he is still young enough to feel comfortable in a foreign-language environment) as long as we will be able to communicate in basic English or via some translator :slight_smile:

    I know and found it very useful. However, we don’t speak Chinese (but have friends who can mediate for us in case), and thought about finding a place through an agency. Does it make sense? Do you have any agents to recommend?

We are looking for a 2-bedroom apartment, preferably with a kitchen, and preferably one that will not be freezing in December. It seems that the areas that would be most suitable are Da’an, or a bit further away Beitou/Tianmu - I know Da’an is family/expat-friendly and also quite expensive, but could somebody tell me about life in Beitou/Tianmu? What would be a realistic price for rent in these neighborhoods? Or maybe there are some other areas we should look into? We would actually love to be in some greener area on the outskirts/outside of the city, but with a relatively convenient MRT/train commute to NTU.

Also, my husband is a big fan of Wulai. Would it make any sense to search for accommodation/nanny in that area? We only need to be in the city for 3 days a week and the other 2 we can work at home. What is the Xindian area like?

    My husband is a native German speaker. We were thinking about an option for him to work part-time as a German teacher. Is there any demand for that language (or, as crazy as it may sound, Polish)? What is the best way to search for this type of work, legal or not?

I will be very grateful if you share your thoughts on some these issues.
Thank you!

Hello, if you need a babysitter for your child I am available to do so. I’m a student in Taipei and have experience taking care of children.


I am an American and have been here on and off for 12 years. I know several people who live in Tianmu and apartments are very expensive there. I think Beitou is similar.

How can you just come to Taiwan and work without a work permit? Also how can you stay here for over the 90 day visitor visa limit?

Hello guys! We are long back in Europe, and so this is all out of date (I don’t know how to delete the post though?). Everything worked for us well in Taipei, we ended up living near the Taipei Zoo which was lovely. As for the work issues you asked for – we had researcher status at the university. X

Hi, are you still available as a babysitter?

Hi! I want to go to tiapei to study just for 6 months and i’m a mother of a baby who will have 14 months when i’ll come. Can u talk me about options of childare wich exist their? How much they cost ? Is it easy to find babysitter or nany? Thanks u for ur answers and sorry for my bad english :grin:.

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Dear friend ,
hope you are doing well. I have the same situation and want some information for my 2 years old daughter . could you help me about child care centers or babysitter and their prices.
I will be in Taiwan in next 3 month.
thank you so much.

Dear Paulina,
are you still available. I am going to do some research work in Academia Sinica and I need some one taking care of my 2 years old girl.
I need a part time babysitter for her. pls inform me.

Hi! Sorry I have finally change my destination. So I don’t have any information.
Good luck.

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Thanks and good luck:heart: