Taipei's Vintage and Modern Record Shops

Good info for vinyl-files.


Great list!

There is a similar vinyl library in Hsinchu
302, Hsinchu County, Zhubei City, 光明六路東二段381號3樓

As I remember, it is more of a private library than a shop
You pay a monthly fee, then you can donate and borrow vinyls
Who can confirm?

it took me a while to finish reading that sentence because after this point my brain went full BSoD.

Vinyl Decision - a rip off.
Very good collection though. Around 500 Beatles albums for sale for example.
But some albums were around 5000 - 6000NT. You could buy them from the US/Europe yourself and save a load of money.
I will stick to buying from Japan.

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May I ask: You buy from Japan…when you travel there or do you mean ordering online? I am trying to find out how to buy records that i cannot find in shops here…

Order online:

About a year old but another vinyl directory.

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There were a huge bunch of Taiwan printed long plays on sale at Millie’s annual warehouse clearance. Most have no sleeve though. CDs also available.

Next one is August 15. Bring mask and gloves.

I have an old Taiwan reprint of

that I found in one of my regular pre-plague haunts here in Albany.

Quality is not that great, but it’s cool to have. Always wondered if there weren’t boxes and crate of wax from the 1960 on stored somewhere gathering dust and not melting.

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Is this a real “annual” thing or more often?

About twice a year thinghie TBH, but still not frequent. Cool stuff for 10 to 20 NTD.

what is Millie’s?

Records? I don’t know if it’s worth flying to Taiwan to scout 50cent slabs. lol

But I am very excited that there are so many options…albeit looks more newish Japanese music. I’m heading back sometime soon for a revisit.

Are you into wax Icon, or a spectator?

Translation please. Me Englishee no good.

Wax= vinyl records.

Do you spin wax or just watch people who do buy records?

Mollie’s when Icon types without her reading glasses. :grandpa:

Mollie Used Bookstore (Video Store)
No. 17號, Alley 10, Lane 244, Section 3, Luosifu Road, Zhongzheng District, Taipei City, 100
02 2367 7419


I will occasionally buy a collectible item, mostly 45s, not LP. I also help a pal from Singapore get stuff and he gets stuff for me.

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Mental note. Don’t alienate Icon before going back to Taiwan. She seems knowledgeable. :grimacing:

Seems being the key word.

OTOH I imagine myself getting a jukebox for my 45s…

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I have had this thought as well. My Elvis 45s are burning holes in the their boxes and need play time. btw, the boy and I got lucky once and found a 45 of The Eagles Tequila Sunrise. It’s worth like $50. Wah!