TaipeiTimes's Wikipedia link - how does this work?

When I read an article on the Taipei Times, I cannot help but notice that there is a Wikipedia link near the top of the page. When I click it, nothing happens.

Does anyone know what it is for?

It’s probably the “source” of their “news”.


Presumably this is the Taipei Times website update for this decade. The Wikipedia link takes you to a web page that contains the same news story as the one you were browsing, except that certain terms are highlighted and become links to Wikipedia entries, like this: … 89231/wiki

Of course, this is the Taipei Times we are talking about, so when you see items like “Philippines Sea” :unamused: highlighted as a link to Wikipedia, they are in fact blind links.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs predictably has a link to extra-marital affairs :unamused:

Not much of a step forward over their risible online dictionary is it? Now I wonder where that went

I see what you mean. If their editor caught it, it would have read Philippine Sea (which is its real name) and the link would have gone to the correct Wikipedia page:

Hee hee