Taitung: any must sees?

I am off to Taitung for the weekend, with the future Mrs.P. Any suggestions about what to see and do whilst there? Any suggestions greatly appreciated.

There are about 6 threads about Taidong. Do a search, or browse the old topics. Try and keep all the info inone place.


Hi Patterson,

You can read my recent post in one of the other Taidong threads. I have heard a must see is Green Island, though I didn’t go myself. If you would like the contact number of the guy I stayed with while down there let me know by PM and I’ll dig it up for you. He was a very open, intelligent, well informed American. Hey, and I’m not practicing my oxymorons.

Hi Fox

I am thinking of making a run down to Taidong this week. Could you tell me more about the place you stayed and if you do have the contact info it would be most appreciated.


Hi Interlocutor,

Check your PM messages.

Night markets are always good…bigger and cheaper than the ones in Taipei…?!