Taitung becoming a digital nomad hub like Bali

Any views on this? It reminds me of an article a few years back (also from SCMP) saying that Dulan is the hipster capital of Asia.


I saw the story a few days ago.

Just the premise given the headline is to stupid to even read it.

Uninformed reporting.

Even the two subheadline bullets are pulled from other recent one-off less than reliable sources.

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What it lacks in proximity to international airports, it makes up for with earthquakes?


Lol, some local hostel business in the article, pumping it up.

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Where would they work from? There’s 0 coworking spaces in taitung when I searched. Or are we talking about broke digital nomads that don’t work but only hang around in cheap places?

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If I didn’t have a team in Taipei, I’d be living in Taidong. Fresh air, beaches to yourself, easily the cleanest part of the island. If you want a co-working space, go to a coffee shop.


i found co working places loud and not really giving value for money. I needed fast internet and peace and quiet. Library, coffee shop or my desk at home were all better choices.


Has the author been to both Bali and Taitung?

I’m no fan of Bali. It’s the epitome of overtourism. Unsustainable, garbage everywhere.

But it’s way better than Taitung. The two aren’t comparable. There’s nothing in Taitung and its way more expensive than Bali. Super boring and overpriced place.


‘Taiwan wants foreign talent to replenish its workforce and some local authorities are taking steps to attract digital nomads.’

You don’t do that with digital nomads.

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Taiwan is short nearly 300,000 farm workers. That’s who they’re wanting to replenish.

Sometimes the South China Morning Post just writes crap because it needs a story about Taiwan.

Digital Nomads do nothing to replenish educated workers in industry.