Taitung Pros and Cons

The FET program is full in Taitung (i.e. they have as many people as the budget allows them to have). I know this because I’m leaving it this year and they already hired a guy to replace me.

Taitung U is possible, but be warned that the new campus is far outside the city. I worked there for a couple years, and let me tell you the head of the English Department has a big 'ol stack of resumes. I think the most effective way of getting a job there is happening upon that guy at the right moment. He’ll forget his stack of resumes if he’s looking for someone, you’re qualified, and you’re here.

Not that I’d wait around for a job at Taitung U. It’s really not that great. You can make more at some private English schools.

Second one is a late-comer; it’s only been around since 1999, as opposed to 1996 for the first one. Seriously, I’ve had people say “meet me at the new McDonald’s” as late as last year. Mind you, you used to get directions like " go past the place where the movie theater was [that burned down ten years ago] and then turn right at the shuijiao restaurant- the good place, not the other one…" and if you asked for street names nobody could tell you.


Internet connection is usually good; jobs might take a while. It used to be you pretty well had to take kindys for a while- could have changed

There are good places on the coast if you can find them, or ask some locals who are into it. Also surfing is getting popular- two of my sons are guest house managers/surfing instructors.

I am very much an outsider to this town, but on the “pro” side I will say I’d cross the island to spend time at cheela (小屋咖啡馆)—an absolute favourite. Best of the best!


The pebbles on the beach change daily, even hourly.

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They have customers?

Question is: could you get a really nice place?

Anyways, a nice place I saw was between Taidong and Dulan, owned by an American guy that ran an English school there. At the beach, big garden …

cheers for the info. how do you find out about openings for the FET program in Taidong? Do they do their own recruiting or use an agency? Every agent I talk to never seems to have positions for down there.

As for the uni being far away from the city, I woudln’t necessarily live in Taidong City, and would have a vehicle living down there anyway. Do you have contact info for the English department head? I realize going down there and appearing in person would make a big difference. What’s the pay there like?

Taitung is seriously paradise on earth and you won’t regret moving there if you’re ok with spending the bulk of your time alone or with your family. If you go out a lot and nature isn’t its own reward you’ll get bored quickjy

-Cost yeah 10 to 12k sounds about right
-Taitung city apartments not that great I’d look further north you can find endless interesting places to stay if you put the time in.
-jobs are scarce, oth everyone would live there
-single would be an issue as you would always be traveling far and/or have to make a special trip to see you.

Idk why Taitung is being called a “city” here. It’s pretty clear that it’s about as country as it gets.


There’s a smallish city there, it counts no?

No because there’s something in between “city” and 'country" and it’s called a “town”.

It prob resembles a town more but they call it Taitung City so I just follow that. It’s prob big enough to count as a city. (100,000 population in the city/town, 212k in the county).

In schools its ‘city’ 台東市 vs. ‘county’ 台東縣, differentiated along those lines.


Sounds like you’ve never been to the “real” country. Taitung City has a fair amount of stuff. Now “downtown” Fangliao 枋寮, which I visited not long ago…


Yea, like Taitung finally opened a movie theater after the old one closed a few years back.

One of 3-ish movie theaters anywhere on East coast between Suao in Yilan and Kenting.

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In Europe there are tiny places that got ‘city’ rights in the middle ages. They are actually as big as a village or small town but are a city.

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-No sewage treatment. Wouldnt trust the water especially near the large river.

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I was there a while back , it’s been spruced up nicely due to the previous tourist boom. I took the puyuma with the family for the first time was a bit of a thrill. God that place gets hot in Summer though (not that elsewhere isn’t hot…but yeah…hot). I like the open space and rather laid back pace and there are some nice little hotels and coffeeshops and b&bs which simply didn’t exist just a few years ago. It would be an easier place to live for a westerner than many small towns in Taiwan.
The coast is good for a cycle. Visited chiben which was half abandoned but at least it’s cheaper than it used to be. We hit Green Island as well and almost got trapped on it due to a storm. Green island needs work , I prefer xiao liu qiu on a weekday myself . I guess if you are diving thats what makes green island special. If you are in Taidong for some aboriginal festivals or into pacific aboriginal culture then it’s a very cool place.
Taidong is good but flying out of it is a bit tough for regular travellers. Lack of jobs except for English teaching is a serious negative though.

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You visited cheela? Hope you liked it!


We visited a bunch of places but I don’t think we went to that spot. We actually had a challenging trip as the train broke down at one stage coming back from Fangliao (not puyuma) and yes we almost got stuck on Green island due to the weather. The weather (typhoons, hot Summer) and the earthquakes are another challenge but probably nothing that will bother a long-timer too much. Place is WAY quieter than it used to be what with no Chinese and almost no foreign tourists. But it wasn’t dead either. I wanted to check out Uncle Pete’s pizza place to ask him what did he think about investing in satellite transponders as there may be a business in it down there? :slight_smile: Ask him when does the Nat Geo special come out?

On Green Island: the place is still festooned with gas scooters and it’s mostly a disappointment. Similar issue as Xiao Liu Qiu and it’s crazy they can’t even change to electric scooters. Very poorly managed.

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