Taiwan 13th Smartest in World, 4th in IQ

Pretty pretty good.

Edit: add source https://www.forbes.com/sites/duncanmadden/2019/01/11/ranked-the-25-smartest-countries-in-the-world/amp/

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Don’t tell China, they’ll be pissed off that not only is Taiwan a country, but it beat them in the school test ranking, which is supposed to indicate the intelligence of its future.

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Texas didn’t even make it onto the list.


i strongly disagree.

Isn’t that list a bit…problematic, by current year standards?

Source data added above is that helps.

By proactive progressive proclamations there’s a probable chance of this probably being problematic.

Yeah. Smart in tests. But still cant figure out how to make money.

4 times i’ve attempted to eat here in the last two weeks during their operating hours…

Hint: Opening business to customers = more money and higher salaries. Real smart.


Many popular places have totally random operating hours. They serve food when they feel like it.

Anyway, IQ tests are totally racist.


And they wonder why salaries are low…

That has nothing to do with opening hours.

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Does this place have a great reputation or something? Because I would’ve written it off after the first time it was shut during operating hours. If they’re having problems in such a basic area as this, then their produce is probably old and rotten as well.

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Oh, I love this place and go all the time on the weekends. Just the last 4 times they’ve been closed randomly.

Probably means they’ll go out of business soon, sorry to say. Places don’t do that unless they’re suddenly trying to cut losses or they’re understaffed.

You never know they may be sick, have a family emergency or something.


You can ask them why next time you go.

IQ test results correlate highly with familiarity with standardised testing and maths education .

Really means nothing much. You can raise your test scores by practicing.

Yeah, because the first thing they ask is the color of your skin


Then why do I step outside and feel like I’m in Blade Runner?

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