Taiwan 4 days

Hello all,

I am living in Japan, and going to take a trip to Taiwan for just 4 days.

I have never been there before, and wanted to get some insider tips on especially interesting places to say, restaraunts, sights, anything you would recommend that would be interesting for a first timer.

With 4 days (3 nights) in Taiwan, is it advised to take a trip away from Taipei to see any other partof the country?

I’m a real Taiwan-newbie, so any help appreciated!

  • Harvey

First off Harvey, tell us more precisely what you want to see. Temples, museums, or other cultural sites, nature, restaurants, hot springs, girls, or best of all, natural hot girls who spring in cultural temple sites and museums.

Also, do pick up a copy or at least browse the new Lonely Planet. It’s quite up to date on what Taiwan has to offer.

Longshan Temple


Fulong Beach if the weather is nice.

Shilin Night Market

Indian Beer House

I wouldn’t waste my time on taipei or temples unless that’s your thing.

Head down the east coast to Hualien and find accomodations…check out Taroko Gorge from there (easily Taiwan’s most famous natural gift–try to avoid weekend though).

Hit Fulung on the way back (nice beach and hiking trails).

Have fun!!

One of my favourite places is Yeliu.
Yangmingshan is a boring knoll crowded with fast food vendors - a waste of time IMO.

Taroko Gorge.

The Suao-Hualien highway.



Folks, please. Let’s hold off on our suggestion until we hear what he wants to see.

Please keep the suggestions pouring in! :slight_smile: I’ll have fun reading about and sorting through everything now that I have some names.

Actually, I don’t have the Lonley Planet guide for Taiwan, and probably won’t be able to get my hands on it before I leave :frowning: English books in Japan are crazy expensive, usually double cover price… and for just 4 days don’t want to spend that. Japanese guide books are all food focused. Hah. Not that food is a bad thing but…

One thing, I see many recommendations to see cities other than Taipei. Would it be possible with this 4 day trip, to spend 1 day in Taipei, and 2 days traveling to another city, and get back to Taipei in time to catch the return flight?

We haven’t booked tickets yet, but likely we’ll arrive at about 3pm on a Thursday in Taipei, and have to return at about 3pm on the Sunday.

I’m interested now in how feasible it would be to get out of Taipai with this little time in Taiwan.

Thanks for your help!

While Taipei is an interesting city, you don’t really have enough time to explore it. The great think about Taiwan is the incredible natural beauty of the mountains and east coast and the friendly people.

I think you would get the most out of your trip by flying or taking the train down to Hualien on Thursday the evening you get in. Take a taxi up to Sincheng and spend the night at the Hualianji B&B.

No. 63 Beisanjhan Shunan Village, Sincheng Township, Hualian Co.
花蓮縣新城鄉順安村北三棧63號 電話:0933-480829

The next day catch the bus or taxi up to Tiansiang. Spend the day hiking the trails in the area and spend the night at the Catholic hostel there. You can eat more reasonably priced meals at the large hostel above the Catholic hostel. The head down the canyon on Saturday stopping to swim or hike at places like the Cihmu bridge or the Sedaka (sp?) trail further down. Having your own transportation in the gorge is nice. You should be able to rent scooters or a car in Sincheng.

Then head back to Taipei on Saturday evening and hit the town if you have the energy that night. Others can probably give you a better ideas of where to go depending on your insterests.

On Sunday morning, take the subway down to Longshan temple. Make sure you try the Mango ice across the street. I’d also highly recommend visiting the 228 Museum in the 228 park to learn a little about Taiwan’s history.

I would skip (1) CKS Memorial, (2) the Palace Museum, and (3) Taipei 101.

Hey guys, could you give me the names of these places in Chinese characters? As I’m in Japan it’s easier to talk to people about them if I know the Kanji and pronounce in the Japanese fashion.

Shinlin Night Market

Fulong Beach … jsp?id=759