Taiwan 802.11b Wireless Internet Access Point List

Sony Taiwan has a list of wireless access points.. Unfortunately it’s in Chinese. I’ll translate a few of the Taipei locations. Please add others that you know of and let us know if you have a chance to test any.
Taipei World Trade Center Exhibition Hall 1 No. 5 Xinyi Rd. Section 5 Taipei [Tested-OK]
CKS Airport Terminals I [tested-ok] & II
Songshan Airport
Hailun Coffee (Helen Coffee) No. 42 Guanqian Rd. Taipei
Cozy No. 23 Lane 33 Lishui St. (This one is right behind Shida. A new coffee shop with Belgian and Quebec beer) [tested-OK]
IS COFFEE No. 26 Nanjing E. Road Section 3
IS COFFEE No. 118, 1F Dunhua N. Rd.
IS COFFEE No. 115 Minsheng E. Rd. Section 3
IS COFFEE No. 6 Xinyi Rd. Section 5
Shuxiangyuan Xicanting 2F, 45-1 Minsheng E. Rd. Section 4
au bon pain 1F, No. 12 Songshou Rd.
au bon pain 1F, No. 207 Dunhua N. Rd.
Republic of Coffee 1F, No. 132 Zhongxiao E. Rd. Section 2
Yili Coffee Shop No. 123 Minsheng E. Road Section 4
Huake Computers No. 74 Bade Rd. Section 1 Taipei
Ouhua Hotel No. 646 Linsen N. Rd.
Bobwundaye No. Chongde St.Lane 38 No. 26 Taipei

These are all Taipei addresses unless otherwise noted. I’m sure all of these businesses have English names, but I can’t be bothered to track them down, so I’m transliterating the ones I don’t know.
[updated 2003-02-11]

I have tried the CKS Airport one, it’s plug and play and pretty fast! :sunglasses:


How do are the prices for wireless NIC’s (PCI & USB)? Are they cheaper in Taiwan than the US? Or should I make sure to pick one up before I move to Taiwan?



Buy in Taiwan!

Gigabyte Tech. (Taiwan)
USB $1,650NT

Are there any other wireless access points in any other cities in Taiwan? Gaoxiong, Taizhong, Taoyuan, Zhongli, Tainan, Jiayi???


I was hoping to find a free hotspot here: nodedb.com/

None in Taiwan as of yet though. For those of you travel often, you should check out where the free hotspots are in your destination. NYC, for example, has dozens and dozens of hotspots.

If you plan on buying wireless equipment, get them in Taiwan is the way to go. I mean, some of the stuff in US are probably made in Taiwan anyway… :wink:


  1. Club 75
    Our favorite bar/restaurant/lounge in Shilin/TienMu has wireless internet access (thanks to Andrew L. & friends!) with a PCMCIA card or USB wireless card in case you don’t have one. You can login from the outside on the patio, or from a comfy sofa. btw, they also have a PC that you can login on as guest to check your e-mail (in case you don’t have a laptop either ;-). Note: Their wireless setup is new, and they don’t really have a policy yet. Right now it’s free, but you’ll probably have to set up the card yourself as they don’t have a computer person there (& you might want to call in advance to make sure they know where the wireless card is!).

Club 75
Zhong Shan N. Rd. S. 6
Across the street from the big BMW dealership; 5 min. walk from Chihshan MRT
tel: 2836 8910

  1. Tsan Kuen
    I just stopped by the huge yellow store (Can Kun - 3C) at the intersection of Zhong Zheng4 Rd. #115 & Zhong Shan N. Rd. (I’d guess about a 10 min. walk east from the Shihlin MRT, but I’m always on a scooter) and they just opened a nice little cafe that appears to be free. They have a bunch of pcmcia wireless cards at a bar by the window. I asked how much it cost & they told me that you just have to bring your laptop and plug in; they didn’t even say that you have to order anything (although you might)! You could call to verify:
    tel: 2881 5252
    e-mail: tk3cC6@tk3c.tsannkuen.com (hmmm, @tk3c.tsankuen.com ??)
    Note: Make sure your battery is charged as they don’t have outlets in the cafe.

Happy surfing!

Here is the English page for EasyOn. You can see the locations and the fee schedule and even pay for minutes online:


This are the people supplying service to other 3rd parties like So-Net. With EasyOn you can buy minutes directlly with them without having to have an account with an ISP like So-Net.

interesting! :wink:

taipeitimes.com/News/biz/arc … 2003052172

If you go to New York New York in the Warner Village Plaza, HiNet is offering free 802.11b access, no username or password required. It is a promotion with NYNY. May not last forever. I’ve accessed it without problem from Au Bon Pain and Starbucks. Simply select the “hinet” network and fire up your browser. Hinet will show you a big “Start” button to begin access through their proxy to the greater Internet.

I spoke too early about about “EasyOn”. Yes, I purchase their $1000 plan with credit card via their Web site. I got online once since then from one of their locations. Since then it has been a nightmare getting any connection, from either Au Bon Pain or IS COFFEE. When I called “EasyOn” about the problem, I got the standard Taiwanese service response (which always begins with “bu hao yi si … yin wei … blah blah blah … suo yi mei ban fa … blah blah blah”). No information about when it would be fixed. No appology. No amount of consolation. Just that happy-go-lucky female voice that patronizes you like a three-year-old. “Sorry sir, maybe you can come back another day, xie xie … besides, we already have your money.” So, take your chances with “EasyOn”.

Currently using the IS COFFEE Access Point at

IS COFFEE No. 6 Xinyi Rd. Section 5

Bought the ezon pay as you go card at the counter (100NT) and I believe the girl said 84mins but free would have been better :stuck_out_tongue:

Mcdonalds, but I’m sure everyone already knew that.

taipeitimes.com/News/biz/archive … 2003052172

But McDonalds isn’t free either.

Yeah, I’m not even going to bother until they do something about the prices. There are internet cafes everywhere here charging internet access for as little as $NT25 an hour

Ok…this sounds great…and now for beginners… :blush:
How do I access WLan lets say from a Starbucks…I go to the counter, buy a what-ever-it’s-called-card and then what? How do I finally get online, what do i have to set up?
I’ll be buying a new notebook with WLAN and I’m not acquainted with XP yet… :blush:
Can anybody take some time and explain this to me…thanks a lot and …yes i feel ashamed to ask… :wink:

Starbucks doesn’t have wlan in Taiwan does it? But you buy a pr paid card anyway, open the article from the Taipei times on the previous page.

Rose, why should it be free? Do you not pay for your cell phone?

I read the article before, but it only says…

Users can get prepaid wireless connection cards at all McDon-ald’s locations in addition to any hot spots which have the Yaw Jen logo.

…then what? how do I install it and actually get online? Told you, mesheel is a bloodly beginner… :blush:

Well I’m guessing seeming that I haven’t used mine yet, but providing you have an airport card, I’d say that when you open up the connection when you are in Macca’s, you’d need to select the wireless option, not built in ethernet option etc. Then you would type in the details from the card. My guess only. Anyway, I pretty sure Starbucks doesn’t have it yet, plus it’s still cheaper to leave your lappy at home and go to the net cafe.