Taiwan Aborigine Museum

I’m heading up to the National Palace Museum area this weekend and wondered if anyone would / would not recommend that I visit the nearby Aborigine Museum.

I recommend it. My only complaint about it is the lack of signs in English, but it is worth a visit. They have some interesting videos you can watch which either have an English soundtrack or subtitles (I can’t remember which). I also remember the entry price was pretty steep compared to the nearby NPM.

I’d back that. The aboriginal museum’s a rarely visited gem. Some excellent displays. However I’d strongly warn against trying to to the National Palace first. I don’t know about you but my museum brain kicks in pretty hard after a couple of hours in the palace.


I think I’ll check it out. I just hope I don’t get dragged into doing a authentic aboriginal dance and then pressured to buy a NT$400 of it, as happend on my last trip to the east coast.