Taiwan and fishing - any type - anyone doing so?

Hey Guys,

I just did a search on fishing on the sports section.
I just replied to an old post from Teggs and saw another even older reply to another post from sandy on fishing. Is that all we’ve got? Can we get an update on the scene, I wish I could read chinese, I know there are a lot of forums around.

Like teggs I’m ex-SA also, and man I did all sorts of fishing there, between all the things all got up in the last 20 years fishing would account for the most.

I’ve been fishing a little the last two years around taipei, weather permitting of course. I live in Dong-hu so I’ve been on the taipei water canals and to bitan, gin long hu, da-hu and ramping up to keelung in a couple of the fishing harbors. Its all pretty dim on most counts.

I’ve caught over time: wu-guo, mullet, some mini-tarpon looking fish (hai-lien I’m told), da-tou lien (some big headed lien family also) something called chu-yao, except for the big-headed lien, everything is well, pretty small. Does anyone know the english names to all these fish? Google doesn’t accept me posting an image of a fish and giving a name back. I’d be wanting to study habits of these fish coz right now I assume I’m just catching them on pure luck.

I’m mostly spinning now, but if I need to switch mechanics to catch bigger fish, hey I’d be up for it.

And is there a large body of water that I could drive to and launch a little bass boat?

I even drove down to Tai-dong in search of fishing spots. Some potential there, but its so far, and on week-ends is a horrible drive with the masses.

Otherwise I guess this week-end I’m gonna go for another random drive in a random direction looking for random bodies of water.

Keep us posted on this. I’d also be keen to know if TW has any good fishing holes. If there are any decent opportunities for fly fishing, either fresh or saltwater that would be good to know.