Taiwan and Paypal question

I’ve set-up a Paypal account on my wife’s name with my wife’s CC, names must match … all in English … Paypal=English, CC=English … no problem so far … :bravo:
The problem is the bank account information, names on Paypal must match the bank account name … Paypal=English, Taiwan Bank account=Chinese … :doh:


YES problem.

Close your paypal account and open a new one with a new name. I just had to do this…

You also can’t link a paypal to a post office bank account… has to be a real one.

But uh, if the bank account is only chinese, and the credit card is only English, I think you’ll have a problem unless you can register an extra name for one of them…

I think I remember there was a special number or something I got from the bank for this. I’m not sure though as it was around 6 years ago. Ask your bank what you can do.