Taiwan Animals Site Is Heart-Breaking

I was just looking around and found this site that has dogs and cats from Taiwan that are up for adoption. I don’t have a link but I am sure someone does. When you read some of the abuse these poor animals have been put through it makes you hate people. You can tell a lot about a people by the way they treat their defenseless dogs and cats. Beaten, abused by starving them, and leaving them on the street is only half of the story. I would really like to starve and beat these owners and give them some of the same treatment. As much as I love Taiwan it makes me sick to see.

It isn’t just happening in Taiwan, brother, but you are justified in saying so nonetheless. I guess the most positive comment I can make is, be grateful we’re not the kind of self-loathing, pitiful people who treat domestic pets (or any animal) like prisoners of war. It is sad and it is sickening.

The worst animal abuse I ever witnessed was in Canada. On the other hand, I see people treating their pets in Taiwan like li’l kings or queens on a daily basis. Very sad indeed, and unfortunately abuse of all kinds (pets, spouses, children) knows no borders.

So you’re neither North American, European or British. Where ARE you from? :wink:

now you have seen… so what are you going to to DO?

guanximag.wordpress.com/2010/10/ … alexander/

and that’s just a short list. There are many groups in action to help out strays and wild animals here in Taiwan. Join up!

So you’re neither North American, European or British. Where ARE you from? :wink:[/quote]

Touche, Senor Sand. I’d like to say I’m from a civilized, peaceful nation but I’ve blown enough smoke up people’s asses for the day.