Taiwan ARC/APRC holders application for Aussie Visa?

Very new yo this Forum :slightly_smiling_face:. Can ARC OR APRC of Taiwan can apply Visa for Foreign countries like Aus from Taiwan?
Your help and feedback would be of great help.


Australia visas can be applied for online. It doesn’t have to do anything with your status in Taiwan but rather what kind of visa you want and what country you are from. Better ask Australia’s embassy in your home country.


Confirm what slawa said, essentially all done online. The local Australian posting provides very limited services and will refer you to Hong Kong https://australia.org.tw/tpei/Visas_and_Migration.html


Thanks guys @slawa, @fifieldt for your feedbacks and suggestions. I am from Nepal, recently living in Taiwan with my wife. So, my concern was travelling to other countries while staying in Taiwan. If I must fly back to Nepal every time we/I need to travel for visa things ?

Hi @Salik, lovely to meet you, you come from an amazing country. Thank you for explaining, I understand your question better now.

Generally, yes, ARC/APRC holders may apply for visas to other countries while remaining in Taiwan. I’ve personally done so a couple of times (though not for Australia). A small number of countries require you to have lived in Taiwan for a certain length of time, however for most an ARC/APRC will be enough to prove your residence and get you service.


Hi @fifieldt, lovely meeting you too! Thanks for providing relevant informations. Very useful!
Australia taken only as an example :slightly_smiling_face:.
We will be in touch as new queries strikes.
Thanks again…