Taiwan ARC criminal record check


I’m also not 100% sure yet whether your employer knows your status is illegal. But I’m sure you’re now teaching, if you’ve not stopped yet, is illegal.


Well, worrying about something now out of your control will not help. Either you’ll be fine (my guess), or you’ll indeed have some trouble. But like I said I think you’ll be okay. Not making promises though.


Thanks drew, your right worrying accomplishes nothing.


Any updates on DUI being a disqualification or not?


No updates, are you dealing with the same thing? I think a lot of it may come down to who your immigration officer is since the law is kind of unclear. Everyone I’ve talked to seems to think I’ll probably be fine but nobody knows for sure.


Yeah I am. I’ve been hearing the same. Please let me know if you find out.


Yes, I will. Please do the same for me if you find out!


Am in the same boat… I have a job starting in September and I’m going to have to get an apartment lease ect. before I can even apply, with no real insight as to whether I’ll be rejected or not.
I’m going to get a Education Department National Police Certificate from my home Country (Australia) which shows up as clear… hopefully that works


I still have no idea what my outcome will be, best of luck to you. If your
record is clear I don’t see why your worried though I think you’ll be ok. I
think if the national police record says your clear and its from the last 6
months I would assume that’s ok, but i don’t know.


Nah, my national police check done by the Australian Federal Police will show a DUI from about 4 years ago. My Education Department National Police Check is one used for employment purposes in public education in Australia, and that will show up as ‘clear’, as in, clear to work, not necessarily clear of charges.


Well your in the same boat as me then I guess. Hopefully they won’t care
about 1 dui :confused:


I had a boo-boo on my criminal report, and I got in OK. But my issue was 10 years before I applied. Also, my application was for a family-based ARC. Maybe it is different. Maybe after X number of years passed it is considered spent. Also, it was not a conviction.


What was the “boo boo” if you don’t mind me asking?


Non-compliance with a family services court-ordered payment scheme. I was unemployed for a period of time and fell behind in my child support. Then, as now, the state did not give one single hoohah about that.

Non-violent, no drugs, no weapons. Effectively a civil matter. Although it was not a conviction, the damn things still shows up. From what I was told, anytime you are arrested, no matter what for and what the outcome is, the FBI report will show it.


You can probably get that expunged pretty easily. But yeah that’s kind of
different then my situation because it’s not even a conviction.


According to news articles, by the end of the month they will have some set guidelines in place… but given other asian countries, such as China and Vietnam don’t have anything specific about it, I somehow doubt Taiwan will. They have however, put into effect a policy where you can sign an affidavit stating that you have no criminal convictions and allowing permission for the government to check your records from overseas, however this is obviously inapplicable in our situation. I guess we will be test cases… I think that the amount of pressure the government is under atm regarding this will work in our favour. Fingers crossed…


I hope so. China is generally less relaxed then taiwan so I think that may
be a fair assumption. Since this is all supposed to be about weeding out
potential creeps I feel like the guidelines will hopefully be more geared
towards those types of offenses.


I have spent a lot of time searching forums for people in our situation (dui) trying to gain work permits in other countries and havent found much… only negative stories (korea, japan, canada), where the law has been specific.
I would like to know if China will let us work, cause if this fails, then that would be my next step


I’ve spent a lot of time as well and yeah I haven’t found anything. Which
is good, because I think more likely if it is a deal breaker somebody would
have posted about it right?


yeh… but you’d also hope that they would have posted it if they had great success.